70-year-old father is transgender Kylie Jenner tried on a bikini

Until 2015 Caitlin’s name was Bruce, she was the spouse of Kris Jenner, the famous athlete and Olympic decathlon champion.

70-летний отец-трансгендер Кайли Дженнер примерял бикини

Despite the fact Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters, who were allegedly against the participation of former father of the family in British reality show I’m a Celebrity, 70-year-old Kathleen Jenner has already appeared on the screens and immediately became the main star of the program.

The essence of the game show in which celebrities are placed in harsh conditions and forward them to interesting content in the process of survival: so, Jenner has already said that he wants to go home, to try on a bikini and take a shower in the jungle.