73-year-old cher showed the figure as the 30-year-old

73-year-old cher, who now makes his next world tour, impressed the fans, showing your perfect shape in revealing costumes. Fans admired her long slender legs and a slim waist that was emphasized by the outfits cher (this is the real name of pop star).

73-летняя Шер показала фигуру, как у 30-летней

Many viewers remember most of her blue leotard, in which she appeared at a concert in Birmingham. It is emphasized the dignity of all shapes cher, at the same time, without opening anything extra. The effect of “nudity” was created by beige stockings and inserts in the chest, abdomen and hands. The costume was decorated with intricate blue accents, studded with brightly sparkling sequins. And added cher your outfit a bright blue wig and gloves of the same color.

Fans of cher are not tired to be surprised: although the legendary singer is already a half-century on stage, her imagination has not dried up, and she was still as energetic and looks much younger than his years. As for her show, the highlight was the 1965 hit “I Got You Babe” which she performed “blow in” with video recording of her late first husband, Sonny Bono, cher with whom he started his career.

For anybody not a secret that beauty cher is not entirely her gift from God. She is one of the few modern stars who are not shy to admit that not once resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. The beginning of cher when something changes its “Armenian” nose, which she felt insecure and called him “the dwarf nose”. Who knows, maybe the singer’s career would not have gone to the mountain, not help it nature to give her what she wanted to see. For rhinoplasty was followed by other operations: Sher tweaked your lips, chin and cheeks…

But, as she says cher, not the secret that in his have long not young age she looks like. According to her, she feels young at heart. Besides, it helps active and healthy way of life, of love and young lovers – here is a recipe of her blooming appearance. Of course, not the last role in this and heredity. After all, as told cher, her mother in his 83 years, was gorgeous. And grandmother, who lived to be 96 years old, also no one gave her age. So fans of cher we hope the singer will continue to delight them with their performances and lovely views.