750% increase in Quebec members of the PCC in two years

750% increase in Quebec CCP members in two years


The number of Quebecers who are members of the Conservative Party of Canada (CCP) has more than doubled since 2020, putting Quebec ahead of Saskatchewan in terms of the total number of CPC members by province.  

This is “the largest proportional increase” to have taken place in Quebec, with a growth of more than 750%, can we read in the CCP press release issued on Friday.

Indeed, there were 12,957 members during the 2020 CPC leadership race, up from 58,437 today; a rise that pleases the political party that has maneuvered in the province with difficulty throughout history.

“Quebecers feel more and more at home in the Conservative Party of Canada and are excited to be part of a movement that will form a government based on principles following the next election,” said the Deputy President of the Conservative Party of Canada and Vice-President of the COEC, Valérie Assouline, in the press release.

“It represents money of course. These are people on mailing lists, people who are potential volunteers, so that's great news,” McGill Institute for the Study of Canada director Daniel Béland told Global News. .

The latter made a point of pointing out that 58,437 members out of 8.5 million people, i.e. the total population of Quebec, still represent a marginal proportion of the electoral demography of Quebec.

< p>Quebec and Ontario make up more than half of the CPC's total membership of 678,708 eligible voters in leadership elections on September 10.

According to Global News, the increase in membership in the PCC is partly explained by the success of Pierre Poilievre, who managed to recruit more than 311,000 members across the country. However, this figure, taken from a document from Poilievre's team, has not been verified by an independent party.