8 alternatives: what can I do with a Christmas tree, not to throw it away

After the Christmas holidays always need to think where you can remove the tree. Don’t just dump them, give it a second life or use. This writes the Money Talks News.

8 альтернатив: что можно сделать с рождественской елкой, чтобы не выбрасывать ее

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For many years people threw out their Christmas tree. But in our more environmentally conscious times, many are looking for “green” alternatives to dispose of the used evergreens. That what you can do with a tree?

1. Recycle it

Instead of throwing away the tree, recycle it, give it new life by recycling and turn it into mulch.

Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be reused or recycled.

There are services that collect the Christmas tree, but even if there is no such service in your area, you can contact the recycling center and deliver the Christmas tree of your own.

2. Use it for firewood

The transformation of the Christmas tree in the wood means that wood can continue to delight you after the holidays.

Experts, however, warn that it is impossible to burn all or part of the tree in the fireplace or wood stove. The trees can accumulate dangerous chemical substance, called creosote, causing the fire to burn very strongly, which will lead to sparks which can be dangerous and cause a fire.

3. Make mulch

The branches of your old Christmas tree is a great source of mulch for your garden. Use them for this purpose and you will save yourself a trip to the store — not to mention all the money you have spent on buying bags of mulch.

You don’t even need posh equipment to do the job. Simply divide the small branches using the most appropriate tool that you have and spread the pieces all over the yard.

When the needles fall from the branches, they will help your soil retain moisture.

4. Make compost

Use your old Christmas tree to fertilize garden soil. A layer of thin branches of trees is the best base for a new compost.

This will keep a small flow of air at the bottom, and eventually the branch will break. Just cut them so they fit in your capacity to compost, and then put them on in height. After you have done this, start adding your kitchen waste and other compostable materials as usual.

5. Turn it into a surround track

You don’t need compost? Not a problem. Instead cut the tree trunk into discs and use them to decorate flowerbeds and paths. You can also use small branches as edging if you want.

In addition to visual interest to your landscape, your yard will smell like Christmas.

6. Use it to protect your perennials

Your old Christmas tree can help save the life of other plants in your garden.

Just put the branches on the ground under perennial crops to protect them from frost.

Pine branches cut from a Christmas tree, create a good air mulch for young plants and perennials, because they help moderately and gradually adapt to temperature changes and provide protection from winter wind and sun.

7. Drop the tree in your aquarium

Want to create a peaceful environment for your fish? Place branches from your old Christmas tree inside the tank.

In the wild, many branches fall into ponds and lakes, protecting the fish in the water. You can put smaller branches in the aquarium to give your fish a place to hide and relax. Make sure the branches are completely clean before putting them in the tank.

8. Return the tree to the seller

When all else fails, you can return your tree to the seller. Some large farms of trees really take away the tree after Christmas. Contact the place where you purchased your tree to learn about the services you can provide.