8 dangerous things that are illegal to throw away in the United States

Americans get rid of literally tons of garbage. But throwing any of these items with your regular trash can be dangerous or even illegal in the US, says Reader’s Digest.

8 опасных вещей, которые незаконно выбрасывать в США

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Protection Agency environmental (EPA) believes these products are dangerous because of their ability to cause fires, explosions or releases of toxic chemicals. To avoid dangerous situations, EPA makes recommendations for safe handling of hazardous household waste (HHW). The following items are prohibited to throw away in new York, as well as illegal or highly discouraged in most other States of the country.


Everyone knows that asbestos can be harmful if not removed properly, especially to the lungs. Asbestos can be incredibly dangerous for the environment (and General air quality) in case of improper disposal. Contact the company for the processing of hazardous/chemical waste for safe disposal.

Car batteries

Did you know that buying a car battery, you pay extra 5 dollars? You can obtain your money back if you return the battery for proper disposal. Car batteries are usually of lead-acid chemical composition, and can be dangerous.


Gasoline can cause all sorts of dangerous injuries and accidents. It is flammable when in contact with skin may cause severe irritation, eye contact may lead to serious defeat. When ingested, it is very toxic and can kill you. It is recommended to buy only the smallest stock that you need, and be careful not to throw away the remnants of petrol in the trash. Contact a company dealing with hazardous/chemical waste, or to find your nearest recycling point.

Engine oil and transmission oil

Because the engine oil must be replaced regularly if you do it yourself, you have from time to time to deal with “used oil”. Do not drain it into the sewer is illegal. When the oil mixes with the groundwater, contaminants can prevent the penetration of sunlight and oxygen in the water. Instead, return used engine oil or transmission fluid on any service station — there disposed of properly.


The tires are not especially dangerous when they are on your car, but you can’t just throw used tires. If they appear, form the acrid smoke that is extremely harmful to people and the environment. When your old tires wear out you can replace them at the tire shop, where the mechanics dispose of them properly. Most dealers and tire service stations are ready to recycle tires for a small fee. In some cities the service is for the disposal is free, and companies manufacturing tires, in fact, should take as many tires as they sell.

Reusable batteries, batteries-tablets and UPS battery

The battery is made of materials that can be toxic to the environment if not disposed of properly. These materials include acid, Nickel, lead, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, mercury and Nickel hydride. Although alkaline batteries are no longer classified as hazardous, all other types, including reusable, battery-pills and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), are flammable and can cause fire.

8 опасных вещей, которые незаконно выбрасывать в США

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A large part of the consumer electronics contain hundreds of small components, some of them contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium and others which are toxic for the environment. There are various ways the correct disposal of household electronics, including donations, returns the different types of special events for recycling and so on.

Thermostats and thermometers

Some thermometers and thermostats still contain mercury which is a neurotoxin, so dangerous to the human body, that in some States prohibits the sale of mercury thermometers. Mercury is very toxic and can harm the nervous, digestive and immune system, affect lungs and kidney, and exposure can be fatal. If your house has a mercury thermostat, then when the time comes for replacement, it is recommended to switch to digital. When you do, make sure you find the right method of disposal. If you are working with a contractor to replace a home thermostat, ask him how he would dispose of old. By law, contractors are required to properly dispose of mercury thermostats.

Buy safer products

Of course, the best way to protect yourself, your home, family and the environment — think twice before buying any dangerous products and bring them to your house. If the label says “DANGER” or “POISON”, it means the danger of a high level, while “WARNING” and “CAUTION” often mean a lower level of risk. Avoid hazardous materials in General, using products with stickers Green Seal, EPEAT, MPI green, or EPA.