8 foods that will add attractiveness

Nutrition is essential to maintain not only health but also beauty. What is there to skin said “thank you”, — read the material.

8 продуктов, которые добавят привлекательности


Elastic and elastic skin may not be a dream but a reality if you are to include in the diet kiwi. There are a lot of vitamin C, responsible for the production of collagen and slow the aging process. Of course, it is not necessary to hope that one kiwi will solve all problems at once. The product must be in the diet regularly, otherwise the effect is not achieved.

Green beans

Another product that will add beauty to you. But not the skin and hair. All due to the content in this product is silicon — it gives hair strength and Shine. The vegetable is perfectly combined with any food and will be a perfect helper to make the appeal.


Natural mustard — not the most pleasant for many product. But it is rich in antioxidants and iron, which will allow the skin to look much nicer.


Every day should eat one Apple, to deprive dentists of joy to see you more often. This product removes teeth stains, yellowing, cleaning them after meals. In other words, sometimes they can even replace toothpaste.

Pumpkin seeds

Attractiveness can be achieved by the use of pumpkin seeds. They will get rid of pimples and inflammation. All because of the high zinc content, which is so necessary for the skin.


In this product many nutrients, including vitamin C. With regular use the skin becomes more supple and fresh. And no matter the variety of cabbage — and white, and red, and Brussels — all kinds of very useful for health and beauty.


Many began to talk about the benefits of avocado. But few know that this “super” useful not only for maintaining good health. You need to eat avocado for attractiveness, as a vegetable helps maintain youth.


It is the best product for the beauty, as in its composition a lot of zinc. With its help, the skin will become more beautiful, and your hair and nails strong. Definitely need to include all of the above foods in the diet on a regular basis, if you want youth and beauty.