8 goods that are not worth buying at Dollar Store

Dollar Store can be a great place to buy cheap goods, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Instead buy something worthwhile, you can get the junk — or, worse, something dangerous. This writes MSN.

8 товаров, которые не стоит покупать в Dollar Store

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Below are things of purchase which should be avoided in the Dollar Store

1. Tools

If you are counting on the fact that will use any tool, you may be able to do low-quality goods that you will likely find in Dollar Store

Otherwise, it is best to buy quality tools. Looking for a reliable brand and make sure that your purchase can be returned if faulty tools.

If you want to save money, without sacrificing quality, consider buying used tools.

2. Shampoo and cosmetics

Opinions concerning shampoo and cosmetics at the Dollar Store seem ambiguous, but most often they don’t get approval.

In the Dollar Store can sell brand-name products, though some skeptical buyers do not believe that these products match the versions of the same products in other stores.

In addition, many Dollar Store sells a tiny bottle compared to what they sell in other places. Thus, you can pay a little but get a bit.

3. Toilet paper and other paper products

Often having fewer fibers than other brands, unnamed paper can give less than ideal results.

As for the brand of toilet paper, napkins and paper towels in dollar stores, you may find the same problem as with the shampoo. Small size and fewer leaves mean that the price at the Dollar Store not too profitable.

4. Electric cords and other electric devices

If you don’t want to turn your home into embers, it is better to remove cords and appliances from the Dollar Store.

This may seem dramatic, but Dollar Store not have much experience of quality control when it comes to cords and electronics.

In 1999, the Commission on consumer product safety the United States warned about faulty extension cords cheap, made in China, and the protection devices against overvoltages, which are sold at discount stores and small retail shops.

5. Toys

The problem is that toys from the Dollar Store are just useless.

Their safety is a problem. Toys from the Dollar Store often come under review, as they contain lead or parts that can break, for example, be a choking hazard. You can search for the reviews on the website of the Commission on consumer product safety. Pay a bit more and avoid tears and frustration.

6. Canned goods and products in boxes

Most Dollar Store have a large selection of canned, boxed and packaged foods, which can include many brands. Some stores even have a grocery Department with a meat and products.

Although the prices at the Dollar Store can seem like a bargain, many of these products can be bought in your grocery store for less. In particular, in the grocery supercenter such as Walmart.

7. Kitchen knives

Quality problems also include kitchen knives to the list of “not to buy”.

Knives in a Dollar Store can be fragile and stupid. Both are bad when you’re trying to cut his food.

8. Batteries

In extreme cases, batteries from the Dollar Store will work just fine, but don’t expect that they will work as long as the known brands.

Rhett Allen, adjunct Professor of physics at the University of southeastern Louisiana, tested the Dollar General batteries vs Duracell and Energizer products in 2012. He found that the Dollar Store batteries contain significantly less energy, and their voltage drops rapidly.