8 mistakes that make your car an easy target for criminals

Worth for a while to let down our guard and your car with all its contents is in danger. Everyone knows that you can’t leave your car unlocked or leave the key in the ignition, but there are many less obvious errors that can make your car an easy target for criminals, says Money Talks News. Here’s what not to do.

8 ошибок, делающих ваш автомобиль легкой мишенью для преступников

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1. Leave any valuables in sight

Leave any valuables visible inside your car is to create a shop window for thieves. If they see a desirable, successful “shopping” is required only for a moment: and here the glass is broken, the thing stolen, and the offender was gone.

Even if you leave the machine for a few minutes, always lock valuables in the trunk, police suggest. If that’s not an option, hide them under seats, in the glove compartment (known among Russian as a “glove box”) or in other wards auto.

2. To think that he would only be attracted to a new car

At first glance, it makes sense. Why would the hijackers to pass by a shiny sports cars to get your “old man”?

Marc Hinch, an investigator carjacking and Creator of the site stolen911.com explains why criminals don’t think so.

“In the 2000’s most cars began to be equipped with more advanced ignition systems, in which keys with built-in special chip has to be in the vicinity of the dashboard to the car could start. Many machines created before, start easy and quick if you know how to operate the ignition without a key,” says the expert.

Your friends and family can laugh at “old rusty bucket”, but thieves know better. That’s why they focus on the cars such as Honda Civic 2000. So do not lower the security level of a machine just because she has too much mileage.

3. Buying a car with textile roofs

Thieves consider textile coating as the main goal.

“Obviously, “rag” the car is easier to penetrate than a sheet of reinforced metal. For a thief, the car can be easy target”, — say the representatives of the system of national insurance.

A sturdy knife can cut through fabric like butter. From the point of view of the offender is the perfect car.

4. Parking on a dark, quiet streets

Like cockroaches, thieves like to do their dirty work in the dark. If possible, Park your car in a well lit area with lots of pedestrians. The choice of the right Parking spaces is also important for your personal safety.

Here, advice from the police Department in boulder, Colorado: “avoid Parking near trucks, vans, dumpsters and other objects that obstruct visibility and provide hiding places. Avoid Parking or walking near strangers loitering or sitting in vehicles. Make sure no one is hiding around your vehicle before you get out of it”.

5. Machine unattended with the engine running

If you’ve ever spent a winter in such cities as Boston, Minneapolis or Buffalo, you know how great the temptation to routinely leave the machine unattended on a cold day until it warms up.

But it is — even if you have a spare key and you close the doors — can turn your car in the easiest goal ever to find the thief.

Don’t believe? In December of last year, Minneapolis police reported that about 82% of car thefts were related to unattended cars with the engine running.

6. To think that large Parking safe

The presence of tens or hundreds of cars surrounding your car in a giant Parking lot, can give you a sense of security. What are the odds that a thief will choose your car?

But thieves like Parking. The sight of all these vehicles around the shop, at the airport or outside the stadium — enough to arouse the interest of unscrupulous people.

In recent years, San Francisco has repeatedly stolen catalytic converters, exhaust and wheels of dozens of cars parked in areas related to the BART public transport system. And this story is played out countless times across the country.

Now, remember that there is no reason to think that your car will not get in sight of fraud.

7. Spare key inside the car

Think I found the perfect place to hide a spare key? Maybe you stick it deep in the glove box, placed in the centre console or hide somewhere else.

Steve fuller is a former car thief knows about all these tricks. And he used them to their advantage.

According to him, 90% of stolen vehicles were available after he just inspected the car, found the keys and quietly left on this car”.

8. Attempt to simplify your life — and thieves too

You are the driver that likes to put the car so that it was possible to travel faster and easier? Remember to leave the same way you can not only.

Park in more difficult to quickly exit the field. Alternatively, turn the wheels toward the curb. This may sound ridiculous, but every single thing that you do to make your car less attractive to thieves, can save you from headaches.



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