8 nutrition tips for people with diseased kidneys

Diseased kidneys are not able to fully perform its filtering function. In this case, the doctors, daily diet should be adjusted according to the violation: for example, it is important to avoid rich sources of potassium and protein.

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Use salt sparingly. Diseased kidneys can not adequately filter out salt from the blood. To help them, you need to carefully monitor salt intake, seek to reduce its quantity.

If blood pressure is normal and no signs of heart insufficiency, swelling, the prepared dishes can be a little add some salt, but still the day is eaten the level of salt should not exceed 3 grams, about a quarter teaspoon.

To avoid an abundance of protein.
A small decrease in protein in the consultation with the doctor can stop the progression of some kidney diseases. In the diet should be avoided “protein bombs” — protein-rich foods, such as meat. Eggs — no more than one a day.

Milk only in small quantities.
Milk and dairy products are rich not only in protein, but also phosphate and potassium — substances that can not be released from the body diseased kidneys. If you drink milk, not more than one eighth of a liter per day.

Give preference to white cheeses. Useful for kidney diet that is low in phosphates, and for this reason it is best to choose cheeses such as mozzarella or cream cheese instead of hard.

To keep away from nuts and dried fruits. Nuts and dried fruits is largely healthy but the patients with kidney disease these foods will only do harm. Nuts and dried fruit contain a lot of phosphates and potassium that with a weak kidney is contraindicated.

Taboo on potato chips. So potato chips are not considered healthy, but for patients with kidney disease they are truly dangerous. Their salt, phosphate and potassium content can provoke the deterioration in the condition of paired organ.

Vegetables better cooked than raw. To reduce potassium content in food vegetables should be cut into small pieces and boil until well cooked. Also during cooking is useful to change the water, it also helps to reduce the level of potassium in the food.

The fruit is better preserved. The fruit after canning lose some of the potassium. Before use, they should be rinsed in water.

Liquid to consume in moderation. Fluid intake should not exceed 1-1,5 l per day (how much they drank, and so it should stand out). You can drink alkaline mineral water.

From drinks recommended weak tea, water, diluted fruit juices or raw vegetable juices. Useful broth hips.