8 questions that you always ask the residents of Northern California

The rest of the world does not always understand what it means to live in Northern California. Quite often they ask questions that are more appropriate for the inhabitants of the southern part of the state, but Northern California is similar to the individual state. This writes Only in Your State.

8 вопросов, которые всегда задают жителям Северной Калифорнии

Photo: Depositphotos

1. You can see the beach from your home?

No. Such people are usually called Barbra Streisand and Elton John — and this is Malibu.

2. If the Burger is In N ‘Out is so good?

Yes, Yes, it is. But, again, in southern California, not Northern.

3. Have you ever met a movie star?

Let’s just imagine the odds. 40 million people in California and maybe a few hundred popular faces in Hollywood, which is not in Northern California. Of course, there were a few films shot here, but most residents of Northern California have never seen a real movie star.

4. Do you know how to surf?

It’s not like a movie, in Northern California you need a wetsuit to surf in our part of the ocean.

5. You’re not tanned. Why are you not tanned?

Contrary to what television might have you believe, most of us have a life, a job and plenty of time to relax on the beach, it is not. Just lie down under the sun — it does not work and it does not bring you money.

6. You have a medicinal card to buy marijuana? Can I use it?

The number of people with their own drug cards for the purchase of marijuana is staggering. But no one holds such a card will not allow someone to use it.

7. You do drink a lot of juice?

The juices here are pretty important. In Northern California there are millions of farmers markets where you can buy fresh food and juices.

8. You are not afraid of the earthquake?

Not really, no. It happens here quite often and most of the residents have become accustomed, and always ready.