8 signs of a tourist: as residents of Northern California visitors will learn

Northern California is a real magnet for travelers. Californians are among the most kind people in the United States. But even they are sometimes surprised when they see a tourist. How are travelers getting in Northern California that it gives them right? The newspaper found out Only in Your State.

8 признаков туриста: как жители Северной Калифорнии узнают приезжих

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1. This is California, not Cali (Cali)

The only people who call California “Cali” is rappers from new York and tourists from other countries. Residents of the state never say “Cali”.

2. Californians will never forget to take it if you go to the beach

The beaches in Northern California are quite windy and can even be cold. Which means that Californians always take a sweater or light jacket. And if someone tries to keep warm with a blanket of sand, which he brought with him — that’s for sure tourist.

3. Only tourists will have to wait for this

Only tourists sit in the car and waiting at the gas station someone will walk up to them and refuel the car. Californians out of the car and themselves.

4. Hollywood far away

There is a huge difference between Northern and southern California. For starters, in Northern California it’s not all about the actors, they are almost never met and somehow indifferent attitude to all this, in contrast to the southern part of the state.

5. Californians will recognize tourists

Residents of the state know what time it is better not to go to in N ‘Out or other places. Tourists also visit the restaurants, cafes and similar establishments at any time and can stand in long lines, when the true Californian will pass cafes Torah and will wait until people disperse. It is also related to the fact that the residents of Northern California can visit such places at any time you wish, and vacation time is limited.

6. If you come to San Francisco to watch the game, “49ers”, then you are in the right place

Levi stadium is not in San Francisco. So, if you’re a fan of San Francisco 49er, you will spend a lot of time trying to find them a new stadium in the city itself. Santa Clara — here’s where to go.

7. Tourists do not know how to eat it

Artichokes — this spiky green delicious vegetables, and Californians love them very much. Most people can be quite scared of spiny leaves. But, if you don’t order the artichoke or do not know how it is, residents of the state will recognize you as a tourist.

8. Only tourists take less money than you spend

Only the tourist thinks that $100 a day is enough to walk. And Californians know that you need at least twice that the trip to Northern California talantaali.



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