8 the best available products, which are able to lift the immunity

Improving the immune system, products can be quite affordable. Regular consumption of at least six of them effectively improves health.

8 лучших доступных продуктов, которые способны поднять иммунитет

Apples. They contain quercetin, a natural flavonoid, has the property to protect brain cells from the development of destructive processes. In addition, apples provide a welcome food intestinal microbes, their use improves the microflora. If you eat apples regularly, the bacteria become more active to create fatty acids, ideal for ensuring the acid-alkaline balance in the intestine and produces butyrate a substance needed to power the cells of the intestinal wall.

Bananas. Eating one banana a day allows adults to control your blood pressure, and children may protect against the development of asthma.

Legumes. Beans — a rich source of useful minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, carotene, zinc, copper, lysine, vitamins E, A, C, PP). Copper stimulates the production of hemoglobin. Sulfur protects against skin diseases and rheumatism. Zinc is a regulator of carbohydrate metabolism. Its use enhances the protective forces of the body, is the prevention of cancer.

Cabbage. This is an indispensable tool in the restoration of bowel function and normalize digestion. Cabbage is one of the most fiber rich vegetables, which improves peristalsis and accelerate the excretion of processed foods. The most effective are white and red cabbage: they are useful to eat every day, cooked in any way approximately 150 grams.

Oily fish. Not necessarily red. Let it be sardines or herring. Contained in oily fish omega-3 fats reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks. These acids also increase the level of “happiness hormone” serotonin.

Oatmeal. Of all the cereals oats contains the highest content of fiber, including soluble beta-glucan, which absorbs and excretes cholesterol deposits leads to normal blood sugar levels. Beta-glucan is known as an immunostimulant. Due to its action in the intestines, local and systemic immunity produced by the optimal number of antibodies required for protection from pathogenic factors.

Cereals. Note of cheap barley, try to use it as an alternative to store-bought bread. Your gut will get in fiber, which is extremely useful for improvement of the microflora.

Kefir contains in its composition of non-pathogenic microorganisms that have a positive effect on the human body from the inside out, probiotics. In particular, contained in the kefir polysaccharide of kefir fungus, promotes protective immunity, has antimicrobial activity.