8 the best recipes from coughing. Know every mom!

8 лучших рецептов от кашля. Знать каждой маме!

Want to get rid of the annoying cough? Do not rush to the pharmacy. These 8 tested recipes, which are much more efficient medicines

In the cold season, frequent and very unpleasant guest for all becomes a cough, which, if it is not time to start treatment, exhausting man, not allowing him to live a full life.

Not worth it when the cough immediately run to the pharmacy for expensive medications and syrups, which is very actively promoted in the commercials! Because there are many folk remedies of this scourge, which is much cheaper, more efficient, but also safer, both for adults and for kids!

1) Mix salt with honey in proportion 1:1, pour boiling water over cabbage leaves and immediately grate it obtained composition.Applied in hot form on the back or chest, avoiding the heart area. Top cover with film wrap and wrap a warm cloth. After a time, the cabbage leaves can be removed, because treatment composition will be absorbed into the skin.

2) With shortness of breath and strong coughing will help reduce inflammation and ease breathing pears (boiled or baked). If you can make a decoction of dried pears, this wonderful tool can easily help to bring down the temperature and quench the thirst of the patient. To prepare a Cup of dried pears pour 500 ml water and boil for 20 minutes. Insist in a warm dense fabric for 4 hours. Take half a Cup 4 times a day. Preferably before meals for half an hour

3) 2 banana to turn into a puree, boil with 200 ml water for 10 minutes. After the composition in the strained add honey and drink warm.

4) Dates will also help to get rid of dry cough exhausting! 10 fruits to boil for half an hour with 500 ml. of water. To take hot. Or boiled in milk (200 ml) 7-8 fruits

5) a Wonderful tool even with the strongest cough – raisins! 30 gr. raisins to soak in boiling not hot water for 45 minutes. After drain in a colander. Before you go to bed, eat this raisins, washed down with milk.

6) If the child has a strong cough, to prepare this composition: carrot, Apple and 1 onion RUB on a grater in a ratio of 1:1:1, there to domesti honey ( 2 tbsp) and give this baby 5 times a day. To give only in the form of heat

7) Wipe the grated Apple, onion, add the honey in the ratio of 2:1:2, for adults, this cough can take from 4 to 7 times a day, warm.

8) Finely sliced 10 onions, and one head of garlic. Boil this mass in a 500 ml. milk until tender. After you have added honey (preferably lime) and mint. Infused for hours and well filtered. A few tablespoons a day will soon relieve severe coughing. In people, this remedy is also called Fiery milk.