8 things to buy at Target

Target is a favorite store of many residents of the United States. Here are some useful things that definitely need there to buy, writes Money Talks News.

8 вещей, которые стоит покупать в Target

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  1. School supplies

Mothers know that children need school products throughout the entire school year. Target always has a huge range of all the necessary school: from glue to sparkles for creativity.

Also at Target you can buy a great diary for 2020. Now there’s a good selection of diaries at a cost of $5.

  1. Retro toys

In the toy Department at Target all sell the trend. But there are exclusive that cannot be bought anywhere else.

There you can buy wooden toys for kids, as well as retro games such as Monopoly.

  1. Autograph books

Printed books are still in demand. In Target there is a great book Department. There you can buy as a global best-sellers, children’s books. Discounts on them sometimes reach 30%.

There is also a Target Book Club Picks by signing up you will receive a new book every month.

  1. Purchase at Bullseye”s Playground

In this Department you will find thousands of cute little things. For example, if you need to arrange a party for your child, to buy stickers or art supplies — head in this Department.

  1. Coffee cups

At Target you can buy disposable coffee cups and the beautiful coffee cups that can be washed in the dishwasher.

  1. Trail mix

Fans of sweets is a must buy snacks Trail mix. Sweet tooth will find them in the Target with different tastes and composition. They are inexpensive and perfect for a snack or to take to the outdoors for active recreation.

  1. Hygiene items in travel format

On Board you can’t take in your hand Luggage too much makeup. Because for travel it is best to buy small packages of shampoo, shaving foam, soap, toothpaste in travel format. You’ll find it in Target.

  1. Candy and sweets

Regardless of whether you need sweets for Christmas or Halloween, in the Department where they sold candy, you will find exclusive Goodies that are no longer available in any other store.

Prefer to do your own holiday baking? In Target you will always find the perfect sets for cakes, pies, cookies and other things.