8 tips doctors for those suffering from rosacea and rosacea

Rosacea and rosacea – a chronic skin disease, characterized by a common symptom such as redness of the face. Dermatologists give some advice for patients with rosacea and rosacea.

8 советов врачей для страдающих от розацеа и купероза

How can you distinguish rosacea from rosacea? With rosacea the skin surface is smooth, with manifestations of vascular veins, and rosacea — inflamed, with seals or pustules. At the same time in the first stage of rosacea rosacea may be in the form close to the skin surface vessels.

According to doctors, to sufferers of these disorders: should be possible to avoid triggers – the factors contributing to the manifestation of an unhealthy redness and inflammation.

The temperature extremes. The contrast of heat and cold is well tolerated by normal skin and even useful. Those suffering from rosacea fluctuations in temperatures cause a deterioration in skin condition. So the face it is important to protect from strong wind and cold as well as hot air. In addition, under the ban of the sauna.

The ultraviolet light. Skin with rosacea and rosacea need to protect from direct sunlight — face cream with high SPF is mandatory for any stay in the street. Also, important hats, large sunglasses anything that gives a protection to the face.

An active sport. Exercise increases blood flow to the tissue and, consequently, to the face. This can lead to an exacerbation of the symptoms of rosacea or couperose. It is better to look for a more mild and moderate sports in which do not need too much to bore myself. For example, instead of running to practice walking, swimming or yoga.

The hot spices. Spices also promote blood circulation and exacerbation of rosacea and rosacea. In General, every patient with these diseases can in their own way to react to specific hot and spicy foods.

Alcohol. Alcohol – a known trigger for seizures rosacea and exacerbation of rosacea. Under these disorders from alcohol should be abandoned altogether.

Cosmetics. Cosmetics contain many ingredients that may be too aggressive for the skin in rosacea: in particular, these are alcohol-based components, active washing substances, essential oils. Very oily creams are not suitable for skin care for rosacea and rosacea.

Ice. Ice cubes can help in acute rush of redness or temperature rise of the face. While experts advise not to handle the ice directly to the skin it’s pretty painful and irritating cooling. To combat redness, you can just suck an ice cube like candy: it also helps to cool the facial area.

Laser. Notably rosacea, annoying veins on the cheeks can be removed by a dermatologist using a laser. This will require several sessions.