8 unusual facts about Bella Hadid

October 9, the highest paid model in the world, Bella Hadid, celebrated my 23 years. Due to the high popularity of the paparazzi constantly follow the girl, but she only smiles sweetly at the camera and not talking about himself. But there are some unusual facts, which the model told myself on the Day of his birth.

8 необычных фактов про Беллу Хадид

  1. Bella Hadid is a Muslim

Yes, despite the fact that the girl walking on the catwalk sometimes in his underwear, she is Muslim since birth. And even in 2017, along with sister came out to protest in the US, when Donald trump was denied entry into the country by people of 7 Islamic countries. After the girl made a public statement that she is a Muslim and very proud of it, thanked the father, for one of the most powerful religions in the world.

  1. As a teenager, she worked as a waitress

Family Bella never needed money and was considered one of the richest in the United States. However, at the age of 14 she started working in a bar on the coast in Malibu. Never afraid of work and every profession was respected. At the bar, her main responsibilities were: taking orders and preparation of fresh juice, but when needed, she washed the dishes and cleaned off tables. According to the model, the work she needed to get independence from parents, and she succeeded.

  1. He was arrested for drunk driving

It happened at the age of 17, having touched with alcohol, the girl sat on the wheel of a car and drove off. As it turned out, she violated several rules, ran a stop sign and almost flew into the police car. That evening at the wheel of a police car was the County Sheriff, so to avoid punishment failed. The device showed that the alcohol content in blood exceeded the norm by 2 times, so she was discharged 25 hours of civil works and 20 hours on the AA meeting.

  1. Has Lyme disease

Lyme disease the model was revealed in 2016, but as it turned out, she moved her inheritance from her mother. One of the symptoms of the disease – sudden redness of a certain area of the skin, which can be provoked by the bite of any tick. The disease affects the nervous system, heart and musculoskeletal system.

  1. All childhood dreamed of being a rider

The love for equestrian sports was instilled in her by her mother. The girl doing the sport since childhood and dreamed to build a career in this industry. In 2015, Bella decided to take part in the Olympic games, unfortunately, during this period there was a rise of Lyme disease, and she was unable to continue training. She realized that now horse riding for her will be just a hobby, so you need to choose another activity, so she became a model.

Now, Bella sits on the horse just in their free time career, but caring for their animals on their own.

  1. Previously fond of photos

Before you seriously pursue modeling, Bella decided to try yourself in the role of photographer. To do this, she even moved to new York and graduated from special courses. Though she has the diploma of the fashion sample, but on a speciality never worked. But, she admitted that after her modeling career, she will do photography seriously, she likes it.

  1. So it’s not confused with my sister, she dyes her hair

As big sister Bella is also a model, Bella decided to dye my hair a dark color, to avoid confusion and comparisons. Girls have a little difference in age and very similar among themselves. But this similarity is only external. Jiji (older sister) since childhood was quiet and calm, but Bella always went for the scandals and fights.

  1. Hates being compared to Jennifer Lawrence

After Bella dyed her hair a dark color, it ceased to compare with my sister, but there was another problem. Now looking for similarities in her appearance with Jennifer Lawrence. In an interview, bell admitted that he did not see the slightest resemblance to a famous actress.