82-year-old grandma-athlete “knocked out” the robber and gave it to the police (photos, video)

82-летняя бабуля-спортсменка «вырубила» грабителя и сдала его полиции (фото, видео)

82-year-old Rochester resident Willie Murphy became a local celebrity. Grandma, almost every day, visiting the gym, neutralized the robber, whacking his Desk, and then surrendering to the cops.

Going on a business, the attacker seems to have been not aware he’d get a grandmother-athlete. The woman was getting ready for bed when around 11 in the evening her door was knocked by unknown.

“He was outside and told me: “Please call an ambulance. I am very bad.” I called the cops, but didn’t let him inside. Then I hear a noise, thinking, “What the hell was that? He broke down the door. The guy picked the wrong house.”

It was late and dark, so the old woman hid and waited. When the robber approached her, she grabbed the closest thing, “I raised the table and snapped them robber. The table broke, the guy fell, and I pounced on him. He grabbed the shampoo and, while he was lying on the ground, squeezed all over his face until the last drop. Then I took the broom. He was taking her, and I pounded it”, — said Willie Murphy TV channel 13WHAM.

Finally, the police arrived. The robber still sent to the hospital, and my grandmother received praise from the cops. “Police arrived wanted me to do a selfie” — confessed to the athlete, claiming that can lift 100-pound barbell (the grandmother weighs 50 kg).

82-летняя бабуля-спортсменка «вырубила» грабителя и сдала его полиции (фото, видео)

Willie Murphy weighs only 50 kg, but is in great shape


Photo 13WHAM

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