86-year-old Joan Collins at a charity gala in a glamorous outfit

The actress chose for the Halloween events, the image of the trainer.

86-летняя Джоан Коллинз на благотворительном вечере в гламурном аутфите

In new York city hosted the annual fundraiser, which was organized by 73-year-old actress Bette Midler. It was visited by the incomparable Joan Collins. In the event it came to glamorous outfit.

The image Actresses was similar to the image of the trainer: the black cylinder on the head with a veil and with a coral ribbon, shiny black coat, embroidered with sequins, and the same tight pants, silver tops with sequins, and black shoes, decorated with stones.

Your bow it complements the red satin gloves and a black stack. Joan’s neck was decorated with a luxurious necklace in the shape of flowers with pearls.

The actress, as always, made himself rich makeup with emphasis on the red lipstick and your favorite curly styling.