9 American stores won’t let you in without a mask

Don’t even think about shopping in these stores, if you don’t wear a mask, says Money Talks News.

9 американских магазинов, в которые вас не пустят без маски

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Traditional retail slogan, “No shoes or shirts are not accepted” received pandemic update. Several large retailers have recently begun to require customers to wear masks, to be able to enter the shops. The new rule is an attempt to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

Some retail sellers use soft expressions, saying that they “beg” or “urge” to wear a face covering. But others are taking a more assertive position.

Studies have shown that wearing masks in combination with social distancing can significantly reduce the transmission of coronavirus — perhaps by as much as 80%.

Stores that require you to wear a mask:


When buying in stores Aerie you have to wear a mask or face cover. If you forget to bring a face mask, the store will provide it to you.

American Eagle

This chain of clothing stores owned by the same parent company, and Aerie, adheres to the same policy.


As in the case with Aerie and AE, you should wear a face-covering — and if you forget to take it with you, Apple will give it to you.


The AT&T stores require that the customers and visitors wore masks, but will also provide masks to people who forget to take them.


You must wear a coating, covering mouth and nose — the requirement that network Costco introduced about two months ago. Children under 2 years and people not having the opportunity to wear a protective mask for medical reasons are exempt from the requirement.


Take the mask before a visit to the store: if you are a kid or you have no health problems, you need to wear a face covering.


This retailer in home improvement lists on their website all the locations that require guests to wear a mask or face cover.

Smart & Final

In this grocery chain needed personal coverage. Also apply other rules such as group size limits buyers to a maximum of two people.


You have to wear a face covering in the stores. Verizon has also implemented a 1 to 1 ratio of employees and customers, and notes that “you may need to wait outside or in your car before you go.”




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