9 old things that people throw away in vain: they cost a lot of money

If you want to get a lot of money, look in the attic or on the mezzanine, which houses a piece of junk. Things that are gathering dust idle, you can sell on eBay for a tidy sum. Perhaps you have already become a millionaire, but I don’t know about it. Edition AdMe.ru made a list of old and not very things for which collectors are willing to pay right now.

9 старых вещей, которые люди зря выбрасывают: они стоят много денег

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1. Empty boxes

People from all over the world are willing to give large sums of money for ordinary things. The seller on eBay has estimated the empty box from American Girl dolls to us $35.7. Question: who needs it?

Such a thing is likely to buy a collector. And then resell already with the doll inside, or put on the shelf and will enjoy a successful purchase. Under this scheme it is possible to sell boxes from electronics and home appliances. On the Internet auction of empty packaging from iPhones go for as low as $8 depending on the model.

2. Paper artifacts

Vintage printed can cost a lot of money. Fans of movies ready to pay well for old posters, programs and tickets just.

And the original posters of the great Patriotic war collectors is estimated at thousands of dollars. Of course, this does not apply to things that were printed in large editions.

3. Products that are discontinued, and food with rare tastes

The Internet can make money by selling products that are no longer produced. Not to be confused with products with expired shelf life. Buyers are willing to pay any money for favorite things: hair dye, toys, cosmetics. If you have something rare (though not old), to sell. And yet people are willing to acquire food with rare tastes. Here’s some chips from the limited edition for $10.

4. Bushings from toilet paper capsules from chocolate eggs

Do not rush to throw the bushings from toilet paper capsules from chocolate eggs. Because in the world there are people who will pay you for these items. On the eBay package with hundreds of bushings costs $12, but on a large site 50 capsules from the kinder-surprises can be sold for $3.3. Acquire them and not some crazy city, and fans of DIY.

5. Perfumery and cosmetics

Fans of antiquity will adore cosmetics and perfumes from the past. Perfume hails from the 70’s are 10 times more expensive than their new counterparts. The most popular flavors from the USSR — Latvian Dzintars and “Red Moscow”. But there are rare instances — that’s toilet water, “Carlson” and the spirits “Ural dawns” for $34.5.

But connoisseurs of European classics buy vintage Chanel. If you inherited only the empty bottles, do not despair. Old bottles sometimes more expensive products of modern perfumers.

6. A rubbish bin

Jokes aside. Buyers on eBay are looking for products marked junk drawer (eng. “the junk drawer”). To buy, of course. What do you think? What is trash for one person may be treasure to another. In the boxes of junk across valuable things: old tools, trinkets and coins. That box of plastic jewelry recently sold for $18,5.

7. Electronics

The era of cassette players, VHS tapes and boomboxes anymore, and interest in these subjects remained. Remember the Japanese tape? Now such a device could sell for $265. People buy them for collections or repair.

Film company in the 80s released some films only on VHS. Today collectors going through some old VHS like hotcakes. Even if the movies recorded on them, is a real trash. Blow the dust off of your collection, maybe you have a genuine diamond, but you didn’t.

8. Sneakers and running shoes

Vintage shoes is a goldmine for those who decided to make money by selling old things. Sneakers Soviet factory “Red triangle” or “Two ball” starts from $10.

And the legendary Converse Chuck Taylors for the price overtaking a new designer shoes: here is a model of the 70-ies for $1 000.

9. Toys

Collectors will pay for toys from your childhood a lot of money. And it’s not rare porcelain dolls of the late nineteenth century, and bald dolls and rubber ducks from 70-80. People tormented by nostalgia, are willing to shell out $120 to hear the ringing tumbler.

Only here with the toys are not all obvious. Beautiful and bright doll can cost a few dollars. But the dispensers from PEZ candy to auction off with the hands. For example, a rare copy of 1982 sold for $32 thousand.


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