9 places in the U.S. and the world, which has been closed again after the release from quarantine

Many places are quickly opened after a decline in the number of cases COVID-19 in the United States and in countries around the world, but the subsequent surge in the incidence of forced them to again close their doors to visitors and guests, says Reader’s Digest.

9 мест в США и мире, которые снова закрылись после выхода из карантина

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Bars in Chicago

Bar — one of the places where it is most likely to be infected with the coronavirus. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that bars in Chicago will no longer be able to serve alcohol in the room. After closing from mid-March, bars re-opened 17 June, but by mid-month Chicago exceeded the limit of 200 new cases COVID-19 a day, so bars again stopped working. Although this may threaten the business owners bars, the city hopes to curb the spread of the disease and prevent further loss.

Bars in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has reversed the process of discovery, which began in April, due to the recent surge in cases of the coronavirus. Abbott blames the Texans, going in bars, in a new outbreak of disease. The Governor also imposed restrictions on holding outdoor events up to 100 people, which is significantly below the previous high of 500 people. Even with the permitted Assembly is still important to wear a face covering.

Parks in Ohio

On 12 June the Governor of Ohio Mike devine announced that recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds, can be opened again, but, as the number of cases of the virus increases, these previously open space was closed again. Because counties Cuyahoga and South Yuklid are the hot spots, these areas are under the scrutiny of health officials.

Bogota, Colombia

The mayor of Bogota, capital of Colombia, Claudia Lopez, restored the quarantine in the city, because the number of cases COVID-19 threatens a collapse of the health system of the country. Restrictions will remain in place as long as projected for the end of August rush will not work. Lopez also said that she will guarantee universal basic income and food distribution in closed parts of the city.

Disneyland in Hong Kong

Less than a month after the opening of Disneyland in Hong Kong closes again to prevent the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, reaching uncontrollable highs. The city also requires to close the gyms and bars, imposing strict restrictions on public gatherings and fining anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public transport. Hotels serving the area of Disneyland will remain open with strict security measures.


Governor of California Gavin Newsom restored restrictions in the operation of bars, restaurants, gyms and offices to control the recent outbreak of coronavirus infection. The two largest school districts in the state, Los Angeles and San Diego, decided to introduce online training in the next month, when school will resume.

Restaurants in St. Louis

There are many options of how your favorite restaurants may change during a pandemic, and this includes the closure of the quarantine. In St. Louis, Missouri, some restaurants temporarily closed again due to the fact that the staff or the guests had positive test results for the virus. Despite the fact that it is not required by law, many businesses misleading their customers about the presence of a positive test the employee.

Entertainment in Arizona

After may expired orders need to stay at home in Arizona increased cases of incidence of coronavirus infection. Governor Doug Dusi called for the re-closure of bars, restaurants and waterparks, as the number continues to grow: now in Arizona record a thousand new cases COVID-19 a day.


Israel closed all gyms, and take-away food is allowed only from restaurants. The government also introduced new restrictions at the weekend, including a visit to the beaches, shops are not necessities, Barber shops, beauty salons, libraries, museums and other tourist attractions as well as gatherings of more than 10 employees, which caused outrage in the local synagogues.





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