9 retailers that will pay you for second-hand goods

You know that Golden rule? If you haven’t worn or don’t use the thing for a year, then it’s time to get rid of it.

9 ритейлеров, которые заплатят вам за подержанные товары

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Of course, it is not always easy, because many of the items have sentimental value or elementary sorry you spent money on them. But there are a lot of retail stores willing to buy second-hand goods. This will allow you to reimburse part of their cost.

We offer to your attention companies that will pay you cash or give store credit for your items — from jackets and Golf clubs to books and electronics.

  1. Amazon

Goods that are unable to participate in the program Amazon Trade-In:

  • e-books Kindle;
  • tablets;
  • media players;
  • Bluetooth speakers, including the device output;
  • textbooks;
  • phones;
  • video games.

Visit web page Amazon Trade-In and click on product type to find out how much Amazon will give you for your item.

If you continue the exchange, Amazon will pay you Amazon gift card. In some cases, the money you pay immediately. In others, Amazon will issue you a gift card after we receive and evaluate your product.

First, you need to pack and send their goods to Amazon to exchange it, but the money for shipping it does not take.

  1. Best Buy

Ready for a new iPhone? The program Best Buy Trade-In will replace your old smartphone. In fact, Best Buy will accept various types of electronics, including:

  • iPhones;
  • iPads;
  • gaming system;
  • laptops;
  • Samsung mobile device;
  • Microsoft Surface device;
  • video games;
  • the smart watch.

Visit the program page Best Buy Trade-In to assess how much is your product. Then bring it to a shop that participates in this program and receive a gift card Best Buy.

  1. GameStop

GameStop accepts the following items:

  • video games;
  • gaming system;
  • phones;
  • tablets;

In return, you will be able to take cash or store credit. But be careful: promotions that are listed on the GameStop page, change frequently.

  1. Half Price Books

Half Price Books is becoming collectible books, music and magazines.

The network also buys:

  • books;
  • textbooks;
  • audiobook;
  • music including CD and LP;
  • movies;
  • readers;
  • phones;
  • tablets;
  • video games;
  • game system

You can sell your product in the store, but not at the point of sale. Half Price Books will give you cash.

  1. Patagonia

Patagonia is so trying to reduce the amount of waste that the company has created the Worn Wear shop selling gear for outdoor activities. Here you are invited to shop for gently used clothes and Luggage Patagonia or exchanged for credit.

Credit you can use in stores Patagonia Patagonia.com and WornWear.com

  1. Staples

Through the program the Staples Tech Trade-In, you get store credit. Acceptable items of exchange include:

  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • laptops.

Here you need to visit the store Staples to make an exchange, or do anything online.

  1. Target

With the help of a program Target Trade-In offer to exchange for gift card the following things:

  • phones;
  • tablets;
  • gaming system;
  • smart watch;
  • the voice of the speaker.

For this you need to send your product in Target.

  1. TGW

Golfers, please note: TGW (The Golf Warehouse) takes the old clubs.

The process of online exchange TGW includes free shipping. As soon as your items get, TGW will send you an e-mail gift certificate.

  1. Walmart

Gadgets to Gift Cards is a program the exchange used electronics from Walmart, they take:

  • phones;
  • tablets;
  • gaming system;
  • the voice of the speaker.

First, visit the web page Gadgets to Gift Cards to find out how much your device. Then you can send it. After the exchange is approved, Walmart will send you an email with the price your device on the electronic gift card Walmart.