9 Soviet treats that have never tried aliens

To remember and a bit of nostalgia, publishing “Лемуров.net” have created a selection of the most delicious treats from childhood. This, incidentally, applies not only to foreigners, but compatriots, who simply have not found the real Soviet dishes.

9 советских лакомств, которых никогда не пробовали иностранцы

Photo: Depositphotos

Cocks on a stick

Yes, someone will say that this is the usual caramel, but this is difficult to accept. Soviet women, and especially grandmothers made is just gorgeous cocks on a stick, and modern candy not half as tasty as homemade, made with love. Who does not know, made them out of melted sugar with the addition of butter. The casting epoxy resin suppliers is whom you can contact to redo your space.

Natural gum

Contrary to popular belief, the USSR produced its cud. Someone decided in favour of the domestic product, others had access to incredibly expensive and rare American chewing gum. And the vast majority of children, especially boys, just extracted wood resin with cherry and apricot. In the course of there were other trees, but those valued most.

Homemade cakes

Previously, it was shortbread biscuits with baked milk. Now, certainly, too, but the milk in it? In the USSR children on one of these biscuits smeared butter and then covered the second. It turned out delicious and hearty modern analogue Oreo.

Jelly, bricks

Many of the children couldn’t wait until mom or grandma cook the pudding, so sometimes eating dry pellets. Thought it was one of the tastiest dishes in the world.

Homemade peanut brittle

Yes, they could easily break a tooth if you don’t add the right amount of oil or overexposed in the fridge. And the dessert as simple as possible – kernel sunflower seeds are filled with caramel.

Doctoral sausage

And this is a true legend of the Soviet era. Delicious and healthy sausage out of the meat looked good on a slice of fresh bread or pan next to the eggs.

Potatoes on the bonfire
It’s easy and simple dish prepared during any camping trip. The potatoes were just thrown into the coals and waited until it bakes. Charred skin was very easily removed, and the taste of this potato was unbeatable.

Processed Cheese “Druzhba”

In modern supermarkets you will find a cheese from a dozen different manufacturers, here t only the taste is long gone. Cheese eaten just like that, with bread and added to various salads.

Bread crust

Parents often sent children to buy bread in the store, but then realized that it is fraught with consequences. Just for those 10 minutes that I had to go from the shop home, the children managed to eat at least half of the brick. And all because of the magic crisp.