9 the bachelor and his fiancee talked about their habits

Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and Daria Kvitkova — the only pair that managed to keep a long and strong relationship after the romantic project of the country. They regularly delight fans combines romantic photos and are willing to talk about their lives.

Холостяк 9 и его избранница рассказали о своих привычках

Dasha and Nikita were the guests of the program “Wake up with Hector” on the channel “STB” and talked to well-known restaurateur Hector Jimenez-Bravo on jealousy and couple relationships.

So, Nikita said that he and Dasha have survived the breaking-in period after moving into a shared apartment.

“Everything went smoothly was not. We get used to some order, lapped. I love the apartment minimalist, but I understand that girls need a lot of cosmetics, bottles for hair a lot of funds. And I got used to. I understand that girls need more space”, — said Nikita.

Couple enjoys Breakfast together, for cooking early in the day in a pair of meets ex-bachelor. “In the morning I sleep, and Nikita is preparing the Breakfast,” said Dasha.

Typically the ex-the bachelor makes eggs is an omelette or scrambled eggs. Dasha admitted that such options are in the morning doesn’t love, but Nikita found the approach to the gastronomic tastes of the favorite — oatmeal, muesli, granola, yoghurt and fruit.

Couple together engaged in a variety of sports, however, they train with different trainers in the gym. Lovers also love to travel and watch TV shows.

By the way, Nikita and Dasha – even those jealous but they try to deal with these manifestations. “I’m very jealous, although I always thought not very,” said the girl. Her beloved is not gone – it also overcomes the occasional feeling of jealousy.

“I think I have Spanish roots. If there is jealousy, it is very strong,” said the showman.

Fuel to the fire and add Dashi candid shots in social networks, however, such personnel ex-bachelor with understanding.

“There is nothing wrong. The footage Dasha, quite beautiful and not vulgar. I don’t mind these photo shoots – I only. If she wants to make some nice photoset in lingerie, it is advisable to consult with me so I saw pictures before publish them,” he said.

Dasha admitted that the author of many racy photos is Nikita. “He’s the perfect Instapaper” — with a smile said the girl.