9 the bachelor and his fiancee won the audience elegant images

Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and his fiancee, 21-year-old Daria Kvitkova literally inseparable. The pair had just returned from Italy, then went to a social event in Kiev – the beauty contest “Miss Ukraine-universe – 2019”, which took place on October 24. Nikita was leading the ceremony, and she came to see the most beautiful girls of the country as a beloved companion. The entertainer posted a photo with the second half in Instagram and gently spoke to her from its pages.

Холостяк 9 и его избранница покорили публику элегантными образами

The lovers looked stressed elegant. Nikita gave preference to the classics – the suit, white shirt, butterfly and signature disarming smile. His lovely companion is also adhered to the dress code – Dasha came in an elegant dress with bare shoulders complement the evening image accessories – hanging long earrings and modest and delicate pendant on a chain. Girl hair smoothly laid back, collecting in a bun, makeup – the most natural.

Nikita hugged his lover by the waist and admitted that he feels the excitement before important events, but with the advent of the next second half of this takes place.

“Am contest Miss Ukraine – universe – 2019″. Usually a little nervous in front of such a large-scale event, but not today, I Miss Galaxy”, — he wrote.

Fans of the couple do not feel romantic picture. They tirelessly compliments love.

  • Beautiful couple
  • It’s cute
  • VI so pdfedit one one. Happiness To You
  • Yak Garnier pair
  • I like you very much! Primagate continue their love
  • Garmoniki
  • VI duzhe Garn time. Dasha, Tobi was lucky
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In stories Dasha showed what to do, while Nikita worked. She sat down at a table with friends and watched what is happening on stage and had fun singing the songs of the invited guests Jerry Heil.