9 things a woman should never do for a man

9 вещей, которые женщина никогда не должна делать ради мужчины

Mature and healthy relationships do require compromise. But reasonable!

The study of personality traits of men and women indicate that between us there are certain, albeit not significant, differences.

The most authoritative study on this subject conducted by scientists Paul Costa, Robert Makra and Antonio Terraciano. They offered more than 23 thousands of men and women to fill out a personal questionnaire.

All participants in the experiment belonged to completely different cultures (among them were representatives of Hong Kong, the USA, India and Russia). But the result was the same: regardless of the place of residence, social status and age – all women attribute to themselves qualities such as warmth, sociability, friendliness, and a tendency to worries and anxiety.

Men described themselves as persistent, rational and open to new experiences and ideas.

As you can see, the Central place in the life of women all the same emotions. They are more inclined to communicate and need him much more than men. Men, on the other hand, is more straightforward and action-oriented.

So, we still differ: women and men. No wonder the book on the subject by John gray “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” first published in the early 1990s, became a bestseller and is still variance in the millions.

How can we get along if we so different?

Answer: go to a REASONABLE compromise.

Compromises are an integral part of a healthy and strong relationship. Usually, talking about what we do as I have not done before. For our partner, for our love. For women it is important to remember that this behavior from time to time is normal. But when it starts to pass all reasonable limits, or compromises are always just you – it’s very bad. The prospects of such a relationship – a very, very sad. How could you not love partner – sooner or later will Mature a conflict.

How to distinguish a reasonable compromise to the situation, when you simply use?

Very simple: never do for your man the following 10 things. No matter how gorgeous he was!

“Abandon your dog”

If your partner is allergic to dog hair – let goes to the doctor and taking medication. You don’t have to abandon what matters to you, in order to please someone.

The fact that today it will irritate your dog, tomorrow – your friends and mom, and in a year you. So give in to something, but without excessive fanaticism.

Constantly sit on diets and undernourished

Good physical shape – that’s fine. If you go to the gym, eating healthy food is commendable. In the end, you care about your health. But if you eat only lettuce and mineral water, because your man “doesn’t like thick” – this is the clinic.

A few pounds in one direction or the opposite direction cannot change the relationship of man to the woman. If he is so sensitive to every you typed in during the holidays kilo and let him change you on some 25-pound model with no signs of the bust and other forms. Small loss!

To give birth to children only because he insists on it, man

To have children or to postpone it (or even refuse) is the mutual decision of the partners. They should sit down and discuss the issue, listening to each other’s arguments.

If you’re not ready to give birth to to say so. Openly and honestly. No shame in this.

It is better than to remain silent and have for the sake of the man. Because all the time. You, and not someone else, decides when it arrived.

Dress as like the man

Your guy don’t like your sporty style? He would prefer to see you dressed only in cute little dresses and went to uncomfortable stilettos? Or Vice versa: his enrage any “women’s stuff”? It’s all solely his problem.

Your wardrobe is a matter of taste. You don’t tell him what pants to wear!

To make a tattoo for him

In Instagram, of course, it looks cool: the tattoo of a lover name on my hand (at best). These photos collect a lot of likes. “Oh, my God, that’s true love!” – I think all. And imagine what happens when a guy breaks up with girl. What to do? Cut hand (at best)? Hours to “etch” tattoo salon?

So just don’t tattoo with the name of a loved one. Today, he is your only one, and tomorrow – the first enemy. It is not excluded, isn’t it?

There are many equally interesting “stories” tattoo than a few letters of that then you will not know how to get rid of.

To allow to control all

The biggest mistake is when a woman reports to the man in everything. Where was, whom I had met, that he spent the money with someone texting on the phone…

You’re not satisfied with questioning him on any occasion? So why should report it, like a warrant officer in the army? He wasn’t angry? So let’s angry, but with someone else! You the kind of person – just not needed.

To pay for it in cafes or in the restaurant

In life can happen anything: your man may forget a credit card or to take too little money. Nothing to be ashamed of, if you pay for it. But – just one or two times. If he’s trying to make it a rule – to say goodbye. With Alfonso you – no way!

Pretending to be stupid

Never pretend to be a fool and don’t hide their abilities and talents. It is not true that men love silly. Yes, stupid men like stupid women. So, if you are for your boyfriend too smart and let him find someone for himself to become.

To avoid their friends

If your man doesn’t like your friends – that’s his problem. To leave friends just for this reason, you are not required. Let’s not Dating them if they so much enraged. It’s your life, your friends, your space.

Mature and healthy relationships do require compromise. But reasonable!

To cover himself with a stupid tattoo, to banish from the life of friends, to dress exclusively in accordance with the representations “about the beautiful” your men – you don’t have to!

A compromise and to please, to please someone, is two big differences. Don’t forget about it!