9 things and services, which fell due to pandemic COVID-19

Pandemic coronavirus infection continues: while some aspects of daily life more or less returned to normal for many people, others are left without work or afraid to leave home because the cases COVID-19 continue to grow in some parts of the country, says Money Talks News.

9 вещей и услуг, которые подешевели из-за пандемии COVID-19

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This difficult period of life there are pluses: some things are significantly cheaper and are still cheap or even free after more than four months after the official announcement of the pandemic.

1. Shipping

Some of the retailers offering free shipping with no minimum purchase amount in connection with the spread of the pandemic across the United States, they are still offering it for a limited time. It’s Sephora, Staples, Walgreens and not only.

2. Credit reports

Until April 2021, consumers can obtain free credit reports Equifax, Experian and TransUnion once a week.

Before the pandemic COVID-19 free access to credit reports, as a rule, limited to one per year from each of these companies in accordance with the Federal law.

Check your credit reports are important because they contain information used to determine credit rating.

3. Cash loans

It was expected that the two lower rates of the Federal reserve system in March will have a Domino effect on different types of interest rates for consumers, which will ultimately lead to cheaper cash loans. In fact, according to the largest mortgage agencies Freddie Mac, July 16, mortgage rates for the first time in 50 years fell below 3%.

4. Withdrawals from a savings account

Thanks to a recent decision of the Federal reserve system you can withdraw money from your savings account or Deposit money market accounts without penalty.

In the past, Bank customers paid a Commission if they carried out the withdrawals from these accounts more than six times a month.

The Federal reserve temporarily relaxes this rule, which means that each Bank can decide whether to allow it to withdraw money more often without penalty. Consult with your financial institution to learn more.

5. Audiobooks

Even if your public library is closed, you can free to listen children’s favorites audiobook program Audible through the Stories.

6. Home workouts

Even if your local gym has not yet opened, you can do at home. Some networks gyms continue to offer online classes for free. For example, Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness offer free home workouts on Facebook Live, and publishes Orangetheory Fitness workouts on my YouTube channel.

7. Deferral of payments on student loan

The law on assistance and economic security in connection with the coronavirus (CARES) provides for the freezing of payment and reduces the interest to zero for student loans that are in Federal ownership, until 30 September.

The law has done little to borrowers with private student loans, but several States have taken measures to help holders of such loans.

More than a dozen private creditors have reached an agreement with the governments of the States of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, new Jersey, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. Separate DC and new York also provided assistance to borrowers with private student loans.

In accordance with a multilateral agreement, participating credit services should offer a minimum of protection, such as zero payments for 90 days for borrowers who request them. If you live in one of these States, and your lender participates in the program, seek additional information to your service agent.

8. Required minimum distribution

The law CARES canceled a required minimum distribution, or RMD, in 2020. This means that people who normally had to do the RMD this year, are not required to withdraw money from their retirement accounts.

If you choose to skip your RMD in 2020, your taxable income will probably be lower. This means that when filing the Declaration in 2021-m you will probably see some savings on taxes.

If you took the RMD this year and want to return to your retirement account, you have time until August 31 to cancel the withdrawal.

9. Sales tax

Even a pandemic can keep the tax holiday. This summer they will offer the same number of States how many and the past.

School supplies, office supplies, clothing and computers are among the kinds of goods that you do not pay sales tax if you buy them for the set for each state holidays.





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