9 ways to make Breakfast delicious and healthy

Breakfast as the most important meal of the day, should be nutritious, healthy and delicious. How to do it, describe in our material.

9 способов сделать завтрак вкусным и полезным



Yes, it’s corny. But it’s better Breakfast than this mess, not to find. It is best to choose nagrablennoe oatmeal long cooking. Optionally, you can add fruit, nuts, honey that will make your Breakfast more tasty and healthy.


This is a delicious and healthy Italian dish is perfect for Breakfast. The egg dish stuffed with cheese and other ingredients, easy to make. So it will be comfortable, and most importantly a healthy Breakfast.


It is difficult to imagine that the pancakes were useful. But it is possible. In fact, the recipe for this Breakfast, nothing included. The main thing is to replace the regular flour for whole wheat. Then the Breakfast is not only delicious, but also useful.

Sandwiches of homemade bread

Sandwiches — very comfortable Breakfast, which is cooked very quickly. But this also has a small trick. Need homemade bread made from fresh and quality ingredients. Sandwiches can be done with anything: butter and cheese, jam or jam, chicken breast and egg red fish.


Drink fresh fruit and vegetables is one of the best types of Breakfast. It’s not only delicious, but also very useful, because a smoothie is a real storehouse of vitamins.

Protein shake

This is a really hearty Breakfast. Most effectively to drink for those who are late.


Homemade burritos are much healthier and tastier than those available in the well-known fast food chains. Most importantly — pick fresh and quality ingredients.


Useful quiches from the vegetables will allow you to get the maximum of minerals and vitamins. It is quite possible to eat for Breakfast to gain strength and energy for the whole day.


The product is rich in protein. And what do you need to gain strength? In the morning there are similar dishes most properly, as it allows you to attain satiety for hours. Will not be superfluous to add to a Breakfast fruit, berries, nuts or honey. And if you have the extra 10 minutes you can even cook cheesecakes.