A 2000th experience for the Genial series! at Tele-Quebec

A 2000th experience for the Génial! series on TV ;-Quebec


Martin Carli's wish has been granted: the bar of 2000 experiences filmed on the set of the show Awesome!< strong> at Télé-Québec has been exceeded.  

During the meeting scheduled for this evening, the graduate scientist and his faithful ally, Stéphane Bellavance, will welcome the robot-dog Spot made famous thanks to social networks. In order for him to perform different tasks in the studio, the props designers had to build a unique obstacle course “It's a perfect experience for the 2000th, especially because Génial! is 13 – that's particularly cool – and that the robot didn't exist when the show started, says Martin Carli. Even if we had wanted to show you this 13 years ago, it would have been impossible.” 

This scientific feat is another novelty for the team at Génial! which allows Martin Carli's ideas to take shape in an impressive way. 

This longevity and this string of successes are all the more remarkable than the original German format from which Brilliant! does not include 80 episodes while the Quebec production is approaching 700 appointments! 

Return applauded

After two years without an audience, Martin Carli savors the presence of the spectators in the studio of Gnial!. For him, there is no doubt that everyone who attends the shootings represents “a big advantage”.&nbsp ;

“When there are five of us in the studio reacting to a spectacular experience, it's not the same as when there are sixty of us,” he illustrates. It's fun to have immediate feedback…” 

“The other thing we started doing again was experimenting with the public. There is one for which we present a challenge that has gone viral on TikTok: the hanger challenge.” 

Enriching knowledge

For Martin Carli, more Great! is disseminated, the more science can carve out a place for itself in people's heads. 

“We know that over time, we can build learning at the public level, we brings each time further. By dint of talking about chemical reaction, we can talk about ions which will separate in water and react with each other, which we could never have done when we first talked about reaction chemical.» 

  • The show Awesome! is broadcast Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. on Télé-Québec. The 2000th experiment will be presented tonight.