A 4-year-old sings a touching song to a departing friend. The movie became a hit

You can be a cat lover at any age and regardless of whether we are young or old, the love for a fur family is abysmal.

A 4-year-old sings a touching song to a departing friend. The movie is a hit

When it's time for our furry sweethearts to go away, this love brings comfort in the most difficult moments.

At just four years old, Abby Merryn understood this when it came to saying goodbye to her best friend, Bailey the cat. Though young, Abby had a lifetime of memories of Bailey.

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She often sang and she was reading the ginger cat, and Bailey loved every second. He even enjoyed playing dress up with Abby and her little sister. Bailey was really a cat in love with his family.

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A few hours after the way Abby sang to her best friend, Bailey died. The family and fans of the orange tabby cat were devastated. In a touching entry, the mother of a four-year-old recalled an extraordinary cat that changed the life of the whole family – I held him in my arms and a little after 9:00 pm yesterday evening I said goodbye to the greatest cat in the world. I know this was the message you all prayed about not to hear. One of the worst days of my life. He was one in a million that allowed two little girls to bathe, feed in high chairs, shove in a chair, put on clothes, put on artificial makeup, rock him in cradles […] I had to give my girls a message, that we have to say goodbye to Bailey and hold Abby as she cries out for her little heart and doesn't understand why. […]

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Before the cat left, the girl sang to him one last time …

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