A 6th show for Dominic and Martin, united by the stage for nearly 30 years

A 6th show for Dominic and Martin, united on stage for nearly 30 years


Even if they are a “city apart” and each flourish on their own with their respective professional projects, the humorous couple formed by Dominic Sillon and Martin Cloutier will be united forever by the stage and stand-up. Together for nearly 30 years, the duo are renewing their vows with a sixth career show. 

And they couldn't be happier to do so. 

“When the pandemic arrived, I never thought I would go back on a stage, says Martin Cloutier, seated in a restaurant in Quebec near the Dagobert, where the duo made their debut in 1993. I thought we were in a new world and what to do with shows, it could no longer be.”

Since their life experiences nourish their creativity, this show soberly titled Six was inspired, among other things, by the pandemic.

“Every time we write a show, it’s what we experience that ends up on stage, notes Martin Cloutier, who has been doing solo radio for ten years. The show is inspired by confinement, the exercise we were forced to do to look at each other between four eyes, to endure. At one point, Dominique says he's drunk in the bath at 2 p.m. The reaction is very strong because people recognize themselves in that. The loss of freedom and the return to freedom, it colors the show.

They even go so far as to do a number on the conspirators. “What we say in the show is that there is nothing that has been invented in the last two years. All the conspiracy that was exacerbated during the pandemic was already there before, ”underlines Dominic Sillon, who also works on La tour and Les grands bien-cuits ComediHa.

“Me, when I was little, we were told not to stand too close to the microwave because we were going to catch cancer, he illustrates. Then there were people who said that the earth is flat and that there are lizards among us. The conspirators have evolved, our view of them too. We touch it because it exists.”

Farewell to the characters

Aging and death are also topics addressed by the two accomplices, who have each lost their fathers.

Known for their character-driven slapstick humor, this time it's over. The characters have faded from their shows year after year to come to a very pure stand-up formula. At the time, the characters had been imposed on them because that was what was in fashion. all the time. And we are already characters in ourselves!” exclaims Martin Cloutier.

“Very objectively, I think this is our best show, he adds. I think we are even more relevant and our game is even more refined.”

♦ Dominic and Martin are performing all over Quebec. For all dates visit dominicetmartin.com