A ban on wearing glasses in Japan has caused confusion in social networks

Запрет на ношение очков в Японии вызвал недоумение в соцсетях

Ban wearing glasses to women in Japan — a topic that was relevant and discussed. In the network appeared the special hashtag “ban points” (#メガネ着用禁止), which publish similar posts.

We are talking about a ban on wearing glasses, which acts for employees in a number of companies.

As reports “BBC”, the discussion turned to social media after the airing of the story of the broadcaster, Nippon TV, which tells that in many Japanese companies, employers force employees to abandon the points in favor of contact lenses, even if wearing the latest there are medical contraindications. According to employers, the employee in glasses seem to be less feminine and friendly.

Japanese users of social networks protested such discriminatory practices.

By the way, in March this year, Japanese social networks launched a campaign against the requirements for female employees to wear makeup in the office, and June, a group of activists submitted to the government a petition demanding to forbid employers to force employees to come to work in high heels.