A beautiful convoy of LIBERTY

A beautiful convoy from LIBARTÉ


That's all we needed at the end of the campaign. A 2022 campaign which, we hope, does not bode well for those to come, because it did honor neither to politics nor to Quebecers.

Insults, blunders, controversies, arrogance, ageism and dirty tricks of recovery…

Absent from this campaign: education and culture.

That says it all and it's eye-popping. As my Old Lady says, “It's as big as a cow in a hallway”.

Precisely, on this Saturday of the days of culture, the City of L'Assomption had a quality cultural program, which it had to cancel to “welcome” the demonstrators of this convoy.

Instead of take advantage of the cultural activities offered to them, people have had to stay at home and close their businesses for fear of seeing their city ransacked.

In the name of FREEDOM

We invaded this small town of Lanaudière, stronghold of Mr. Legault's county, to express our anger towards his “totalitarian” regime.

We are not shy about instrumentalizing the pandemic. We are asking for the resignation of Mr. Legault. We lay wreaths in front of the CHSLDs, we cry out in horror for having deprived children of their freedom. The government is accused of having vaccinated them by force, echoing the “conspiratorial” discourse.

One cannot help but see an influence from Conservative leader Éric Duhaime. His campaign slogan “Free Home” could only fuel this anger.

A misdirected anger. If there is one that should animate us, it is the lack of importance given to education in this campaign. We have problems and serious shortcomings. The pandemic has scarred us. But let’s look ahead.

The future of our children depends on education. And our survival as French-speaking people in North America depends on it.

 A beautiful convoy of LIBARTÉ