A beautiful summer ahead

A beautiful summer ahead


After two years of sanitary measures, shutdowns and reopenings due to the pandemic, the public is back in dark rooms to the delight of cinema owners. 

“We have noticed a constant evolution in the attendance of Quebec cinemas since their reopening on February 7, affirms Éric Bouchard, also co-owner of the Saint-Eustache and Saint-Jérôme cinemas. As people saw the situation improve and the restrictions fall, they were more inclined to come to the cinema. ”

Lines of flight

The proof: the film Thor: Amour et tonnerre hit hard by rising to first position at the Quebec box office on its first weekend of release with receipts of $1,477,048. . Les Minions 2 : Once Upon a Time Gru sits in second place for a 2nd week of screening (totaling $2,807,177 in revenue) and Top Gun: Maverick— which is in its 7th week — starring Tom Cruise maintains its place in the top 3 in Quebec with a total revenue of $8,206,631. 

Five American films have d accumulated 10 million and more admissions over the past 7 months in Canada and the United States, including Spider-Man : No Return, The Batman with Robert Pattinson, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder and Jurassic World: The World After. The reasons for this constant evolution of attendance would be numerous: people are more familiar with the pandemic, are mostly vaccinated and know better the risks associated with going to the cinema. 

« Cinemas have always demonstrated that they were not places of contamination and that does not change, continues the co-president. People want to come back and feel more comfortable doing so. That's good news! 

Thor: Love and Thunder

The first post-pandemic kids movie, Sonic 2 the Movie, came to confirm that families are also back in large numbers. As for the movie Minions 2 : Once Upon a Time Gru, it became the biggest release of all time for a weekend of July 4, in Canada as well as in the United States.&nbsp ;

Awaited movies

Interesting releases are likely to attract people to the cinema in the coming weeks, including Quebec films Confession starring – and directed by – Luc Picard, and Arlette by Mariloup Wolfe marking the great return of Maripier Morin. 

As for our American cousins, the children's film Rage on Legs as well as the films Where the Crayfish Singand High Speed ​​Train with Brad Pitt should also charm moviegoers.  

Note that the Quebec film Lines of Flight rose to 7th place at the weekend box office with receipts of $48,101   ;