A big headache ahead for Legault

A big headache to come for Legault


Quebecers will go to the polls in eighty-one days. The Coalition Avenir Québec has not yet won the election, but if François Legault wins it, he will have a big challenge ahead of him.

The formation of the Council of Ministers will not be all rest. You'll tell me it's a great problem, it's true!

By announcing star candidates such as Bernard Drainville, Caroline St-Hilaire, Suzanne Roy, Pascale Déry, Yves Montigny and Sonia Bélanger, Ms. Legault is clearly looking for future ministers.


It's nice to have a choice, but the Prime Minister's entourage is probably wondering how they're going to keep everyone in good spirits.

The MPs already in place, who are not not yet in the Council of Ministers, could feel that their boss does not see them as future members of this select club.

It could cause trouble in the CAQ troops. There are members of the CAQ who are calculating who could leave the Council of Ministers to see if their colt can carve out a seat there. A table where places are limited.

Currently, there are only three departures: Danielle McCann, Marguerite Blais and Nadine Girault. To maintain parity and make room for newcomers, that probably means that male elected officials will lose their limousines.

Another star?

After the announcement of Pascale Déry, last week, I was told to monitor the candidacy in Chutes-de-la-Chaudière to replace Marc Picard, who should confirm his departure very soon.

I am speaks of a candidacy well known to the general public, a personality from the world of television.

Presumably, Mr. Legault decided not to give gifts to his opponents and to fill up on candidacies from brand.

It's good to have stars. But sometimes too much is like not enough.

A big break - head to come for Legault