A bigger-than-expected meeting in the NHL?

A bigger meeting than expected in the NHL?


National Hockey League (NHL) executives have scheduled a board of governors meeting for Tuesday in New York City, and while this early-season meeting is relatively minor compared to others, a few bits of information might be of interest.

As Sportsnet hockey expert Elliotte Friedman explained, the fall session is normally shorter, around three hours and a half, and is the perfect opportunity to present economic forecasts such as income and the salary cap that may be set, as well as to approve certain financial decisions.

However, journalists will keep an eye on commissioner Gary Bettman and team owners on specific topics. These include the NHL's investigation into the gang rape case committed by eight Junior Team Canada players in June 2018; the alleged victim reached an out-of-court settlement with Hockey Canada and the national federation is in total embarrassment for having settled the whole thing using a fund reserved for “uninsurable cases”.

< p>Also, Bettman mentioned earlier this month that his circuit had triggered an independent investigation and was winding down. A report is expected on this subject.

Also, the participants of the meeting could discuss another report, the one on diversity and inclusion. Recommendations will follow if they deem it appropriate to do so.