A bike path that waited for 40 years finally ready (PHOTO)

Велосипедная дорожка, которую ждали 40 лет, наконец готова (ФОТО)

If you live in Toronto you know that the Bloor street was under repair all summer. But work is finally coming to an end, which means that the street will have a brand-new bike path.

New separate lanes for cyclists is incredibly close to completion, literally, the last drop of cement was laid this morning.

City Councilman Joe cressey, who directly helped this bike path to be born, published in his Twitter message this morning: “the Right bike path on Bloor. 40 years it took to create it, but finally it is almost here. So very proud to have worked with Mike Leighton, Bells On Bloor Cycle Toronto and so finally it happened.”

According to the city councillor Mike Layton, the newly constructed lanes located only on the South side of the street to not interfere with the vehicles of the emergency services.

He also said that construction in East side will continue next year as more of the water supply networks will be replaced, and then in the West.

In 2017, it was decided to make separate bike lanes on Bloor street between Shaw St. and Avenue Rd. permanent after a one-year pilot project proved successful.

At that time, the municipality estimated that Bicycle lanes on Bloor the average weekday of the order of 5,000 people. Did the bike route second in the number of people who use them people.

And earlier this summer the city Council voted to extend bike lanes on Bloor in addition to others in the city.

Residents of Toronto are very long complained of dangerous Bicycle infrastructure in the city, so the new bike lanes on Bloor is the first step towards becoming more comfortable for Cycling in the city.