A Brazilian court ordered the release from prison of ex-President Lula da Silva, who is serving time for corruption (PHOTO)

Бразильский суд постановил выпустить из тюрьмы экс-президента Лулу да Силву, отбывающего срок за коррупцию (ФОТО)

A court in Brazil ordered the release from prison of ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is serving time for committing crimes of corruption, reports Reuters.

On Thursday, the Federal Supreme court of Brazil rendered a decision, allowing a former head of state to be released prior to the final examination all statutory courts of appeals in his criminal case.

This innovation will allow to be released not only former head of state Lula da Silva, but also about 5 thousand other prisoners, not exhausted all the statutory possibilities for appeal. Lawyers Lula da Silva has already petitioned for his immediate release.

However, the Brazilian Parliament could make an amendment to the Constitution in order to expedite the conclusion of the convicts into custody. “In the end, the judges only interpretiruya legislation, and deputies create it” – said the Minister.

Lula da Silva became the first ex-President of Brazil, who was imprisoned at the end of criminal proceedings on charges of corruption and money laundering. In April this year Brazil’s Supreme court has reduced the prison term of the policy with almost 13 years to eight years and 10 months. The ex-head of state categorically rejects all charges against him.