A British couple went to jail for publishing images of the deceased in the crash of a footballer…

Британская пара села в тюрьму за публикацию снимков тела погибшего в авиакатастрофе футболиста...

A British court sentenced a married couple to real prison terms for the dissemination of photographs of the body 28-the summer football player of Cardiff city FC emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash over the English channel in January 2019, reports The Sun.

We are talking about the 62-year-old Christopher Ashford and 49-year-old Sherri Bray (pictured), who illegally gained access to the video from the morgue in Bournemouth several times and watched the autopsy. Then the woman took pictures and sent to her husband. In the end, the pictures hit social network. Realizing that the police launched an investigation, sherry removed the photo and asked to do the same spouse. Data were obtained from the woman’s phone number showed that, in addition to the Sala, she took a picture of another dead body.

The court sentenced sherry Bray to 14 months in prison, and Christopher Ashford got 5 months. Both pleaded guilty.

The actions of the criminals said the sister emiliano Sala — Romina.

“I saw photos of the body of emiliano leaked to Instagram. I can’t believe there are such evil people who would do such a thing. Tried to hide the pictures. People joked about them, I was hurt. We will never forget this”, said Romina.

Британская пара села в тюрьму за публикацию снимков тела погибшего в авиакатастрофе футболиста...

Emiliano Sala was only 28 years old

By the way, “Nantes” and “Cardiff” are still unable to reach a compromise on the issue of compensation for the deceased emiliano fat, according to L’equipe. Already intervened FIFA.

The French side still requires 17 million euros excluding bonuses, as was stated in the contract. Welsh, in turn, refuse to pay, insisting that the Argentine agreement has not entered into force. FIFA will hold a meeting on this matter in mid-week, early next rule, which can be challenged in the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

Recall that Fat during the winter transfer window was sold out of the “nant” in “Cardiff”. 21 Jan he said goodbye to team-mates and light aircraft Piper PA-46 Malibu with emiliano Sala flew from Nantes to Cardiff. But about an hour before the scheduled arrival aboard disappeared from radar. The wreckage of the aircraft found February 3 at the bottom of the English channel, and the next day in the wreckage found the body of Salah. The body of the pilot Ibbotson is still not found.

The investigation revealed that the pilot had no license to carry passengers. And emiliano Sala, who after moving from the French “Nantes” in the English “Cardiff city” the most expensive player in the entire history of the Welsh club, before the ill-fated flight left in social networks voice message. The player said that he was afraid to fly, and it seems that the plane is about to fall apart. February 16, emiliano Sala said good-bye in his hometown of Progreso. For the funeral of Argentine came to his beloved dog.


Photo Of The Sun, Getty Images

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