A calendar safe from groupies

A calendar safe from groupies


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The time when the firefighters of the famous calendar played it “boy's band” and paraded on stage in front of a crowd of screaming women is well and truly over. 

“It was too much management, too much madness! explains Marie-Josée Chalifour, from the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for burn victims.

Ms. photos of firefighters in a sexy and suggestive way to raise funds for burn victims.

The “mom” of the firefighter calendar Marie-Josée Chalifour and the burn victim and spokesperson Véronique Potvin.

“I gave up promoting in public and publicity launches because fewer and fewer guys were volunteering to pose due to the inconvenience. »


The circus surrounding the calendar deterred many.

« We were launching in Quebec and Montreal, and it was always crazier in Quebec!

“I remember a woman there who paid $500 so she could walk away with the t-shirt that one of the guys was wearing. »

When the firefighters walked on stage, the crowd remained relatively disciplined.

It got tougher when they came down to mingle with the audience.

“It was like rock stars , it was crazy.

Twenty years ago, the calendar offered email addresses to reach the models.

Bad idea!

“Guys received very revealing unsolicited images of women trying to bait them,” says Ms. Chalifour. 

“It was dangerous because we could not be sure of the age of these admirers. » 

Secrecy on the barracks

Ms. Chalifour also had to stop naming the barracks. They received calls or visits from “groupies”.

“Some showed up during operations and crossed the security perimeter saying: 'I want to see so-and-so'! »

“I have done public launches in the past and, in my case, it was a man who came to pose with me at each public event, recalls Mathieu Beaudoin (Mr. Avril), from Longueuil. He said he had suicidal thoughts. I was not equipped for this. I referred him to Suicide Action Montreal. »

Marital vet

“Before posing, I spoke to my spouse about it, it was a couple's decision, says David Laroque ( Monsieur Septembre), from Magog. If it had involved strutting on a stage in public, I would have said no. » 

Last Thursday, the firefighters discovered their photos for the first time.

“It's important to remember that we're doing this first and foremost for the Foundation's cause and to raise money for burn victims,” ​​Louis-Philippe Couture (Mr. August), 26, told me. a firefighter from Lévis, who is too young to have experienced the “madness” of which Ms. Chalifour speaks.

“As a severe burn victim since the age of 12, I took advantage of the calendar with the money who financed some of my trips to meet other people in my situation, in particular”, tells me Véronique Potvin, 28 years old, who is the spokesperson for the calendar.

Ms Potvin was the only woman from Quebec informed of this happy hour “safe from groupies” and the excesses of ten years ago.

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