A California resident has died after he entered the house, treated against insects

A man who was reportedly over 60 years old, returned to his house at the time as there was carried out the destruction of the termites. After this man died after inhaling gas for fumigation, tells People.

Житель Калифорнии умер после того, как вошел в дом, обработанный от насекомых

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According to local news service, the man from California died after he returned to the house, which was sprayed a fumigant to kill insects.

On Tuesday, July 21, members of fire Department County of Los Angeles found the body of the landlord after a call about a possible death in Whittier, California.

It is known that the man entered the house after the rooms were filled with deadly gas, designed to kill the termites. Above the building was also a tent.

“Operation in a contaminated environment in Whittier ended, — it was said on the page in the social network of the Bureau of special enforcement with the Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles. — The neighborhood is safe”.

Whittier is located about 20 miles (over 30 km) Southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Housing fumigation usually involves the placement of a tent or tarpaulin over the building and filling it with a lethal gas to exterminate pests.

According to the California Council for the control of pests, homeowners must remove all people, Pets and plants from the building before the fumigation. Uncovered drugs, animal feed and food products must also be removed from the building or placed in containers.

A study conducted in 2016, Agency for environmental protection of the United States, showed that Sulfuryl fluoride, the most widely used pesticide for fumigation in residential areas, “very toxic to humans”.

The Agency said at least 11 deaths in the period from 2002 to 2016 as a result of the fumigation of premises in California and Florida, States with the highest number of fumigated buildings.