A canadian passport is recognized as one of the most convenient in 2019 (PHOTO)

Канадский паспорт признан одним из самых удобных в 2019 году  (ФОТО)

Canadian passport is one of the healthiest in the world. But then, what place it occupies in the global scale, may surprise you.

Holders of canadian passports are among the most privileged travelers in the world. Dark blue book not only establishes your identity, with its help you can visit many countries of the world. However, he, that is, the passport could still be a sign that you are found money.

But how good is canadian passport compared to the others?

Index of passports Henley (Henley Passport Index) evaluates the effectiveness of 199 various passports, including a canadian, in respect of the 227 various tourist destinations. The index is based on data from the International air transport Association, which are updated every time when takes effect a change in visa policy.

Passports are compared on the basis of a visa-free score. Assessment represents the sum of the total number of countries which citizens can visit without applying for visa. It also takes into account countries where visitors can get a visa, temporary residence permit or electronic visa (ETA) at the entry into the country.

In other words, the visa-free higher the score, the wider the range of applications of passports. Conversely, points are awarded when the country require a visa. They are also not, if prior to departure you must obtain an e-visa is approved by the state (e-Visa) or the authorization of a state for a visa.

Canadian passport ranks sixth in the passport index Henley. In this case, it means that Canadians can go in 183 countries, having on hands only the passport of his country. In other words, 183 countries do not require Canadians to obtain a visa for their visit.

But on the sixth spot is occupied by six other countries, which have visa-free access to 183 countries. It’s Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States.

Yes, 6th place is very nice… But it turns out there are 15 countries with higher rates of “visa-free”.

A rating of passports by the number of visa-free countries
1 Japan and Singapore – 189
2 Finland, Germany and South Korea – 187
3 Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg – 186
4 France, Spain and Sweden – 185
5 Austria, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland – 184
6 Canada, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States – 183

This year’s results reflect several changes compared to previous periods. For example, last year canadian passport took third place with a 164 visa-free points. In first place was Singapore and Germany, scored the same number of 166 points.

In addition to fun facts about passports, passport index Henley is a useful tool for travel. For example, on the web you can easily find a passport of their country and see which countries you can enter without a visa.

Using the index you can also compare the range of validity of passports. This can be useful if you have dual citizenship, and you need to decide whether you should travel with a canadian passport or a passport of the second country.

Canadian passports are among the best in the world. However, before you travel abroad will not be amiss to clarify what requirements exist for entry into a particular country before buying the ticket.

In addition, most countries require that passports were valid for three to six months after the departure date. So be sure to check the validity of your canadian passport and, if necessary, renew it early.