A candidate for the PCQ has already drawn parallels between the PQ, the Nazis and apartheid

A candidate for the PCQ has already drawn parallels between the PQ , the Nazis and apartheid

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A conservative candidate multiplied hateful statements in the early 2010s against language laws and the Parti Québécois (PQ) using allusions to the Nazi regime and South African apartheid, found our Bureau of Investigation.  

Louis-Charles Fortier, who is running in the riding of Jacques-Cartier in West Montreal under the banner of the Conservative Party of Quebec, then strongly opposed the arrival of the PQ in power.

“What awaits us now? Will Pauline Marois ask every Anglo to put an “A” on his shirt and on his house”, he wrote in English on September 5, 2012, on one of his two blogs, referring to the star of David that Jews had to wear during the Nazi regime in Germany. 


“The PQ is apartheid and should be considered by the rest of the world for what it really is: a government that persecutes a minority, by withdrawing individual rights, all in the name of French-speaking supremacy”, he wrote again on September 5, the day after the election of Ms. Marois as prime minister.

He believed that the measures to protect French were the source of an economic decline in Quebec. “[Law 101] has created, for some Francophones, by excluding me, a false sense of protection which, in turn, has killed the economic infrastructure of what was once Canada's economic empire,” argued- it on January 4, 2012. 

Joined by our Bureau of Investigation, Louis-Charles Fortier justified his remarks by the context which would then have reigned in Quebec. “I have a few regrets, but not a lot,” he explained. 

At that time, he claims, English speakers were the target of discrimination. Mr. Fortier says he was particularly upset because a nurse had refused to use English to treat his wife, a unilingual Anglophone. 

Difficult otherwise

“At the time of Pauline Marois […] with everything that was happening, it was difficult to react otherwise,” he says. 

Mr. Fortier, who is a computer network architect at Bell Canada, is running for the second time under the colors of the Conservative Party of Quebec. In the 2018 elections, he garnered barely 2.6% of the votes in Jacques-Cartier. 

He was also part of the team of Éric Caire, outgoing CAQ minister, during the ADQ leadership race in 2009. 

Called to react, the PCQ argued that interpreting Mr. Fortier's comments in this way was “pure extrapolation” and “trial of intent”.

This which he also wrote on the web

“Unfortunately, not all prisons are built with brick and mortar; some are built with laws and ignorance. We are faced with this situation. We are the Berliners who witness the construction of a wall and we do nothing to stop it. I cannot sit idly by and watch Bill 14 divide and imprison us. Can you?”

1st April 2013

“It could be worse by versus. Will the CAQ do what people thought it would do and reach out to francophone supremacists? It's really a sad day for democracy in Quebec.”

September 20, 2012

“That's what I'm saying: the PQ is an apartheid regime in the making.” 

September 7, 2012

“The PQ has a deep-seated hatred for Anglos and wants them to have less rights than Francophones.” 

September 7, 2012

“Legault, have you been badly advised or have you been seduced by the concept of a master race in Quebec that you have forgotten logic and common sense?” 

April 27, 2013

“I saw friends and neighbors vote for the PQ the other day. It was heartbreaking. Maybe they didn't consider it that way, but they were voting against my friends and family. One has to remember and wonder how the Jews felt when their non-Jewish friends and neighbors voted for the Nazis. Again, I'm not comparing the PQ to the Nazis, and I'm not suggesting that English speakers in Quebec suffered as much as Jews under the Nazis; I compare similar situations where what seem like small betrayals impact a minority population because the majority has lost its sense of community and its sense of humanity. I don't dispute that the Jews were in trouble under the Nazi regime.” 

September 7, 2012

“Do you want a DNA test Aryan with that?» 

About the Charter of Values ​​of the PQ, August 29, 2013

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