A car to tame for the veteran

A car to tame for the veteran


TORONTO | In anticipation of his return to the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, Jacques Villeneuve familiarized himself with his car at the ICAR circuit in Mirabel last Sunday.

These small cars, powered by a motorcycle engine producing around 300 horsepower, obviously have nothing to do with the famous Can-Am, these real brutes who made the rain and good weather in Mauricie.

Day and night

“It may be day and night, claims Villeneuve , but modified Legends are still racing cars. As their wheelbase is very short, they are very unstable. What I saw in Mirabel. »

Villeneuve did not set any expectations for its two races scheduled for Saturday and Sunday (August 6 and 7) in Trois-Rivières.< /p>

“I just hope to be able to give my best and above all to have fun. People may be expecting me to ride forward. Others will also think that I'm going to screw up. »

And if a second Jacques Villeneuve also came to run in Trois-Rivières? Rumors have intensified over the past few days about the possible participation of Gilles' son. A file to follow…