A cartoonist made fun of the struggle between Putin and corruption

Карикатурист высмеял борьбу Путина с коррупцией

The artist reacted caustic fotozhabu to the actions of Vladimir Putin

If you can not win, then the lead – this message carries fresh caricature Putin, a prominent Russian artist.

As reported Politeka, the network appeared the new blades famous cartoonist Sergei Elkin. The artist ridiculed the fight of the head of the Kremlin corruption, which is portrayed in the form of a snake.

Elkin Malaysia managed to show the issue.

Well-known cartoonist depicted the corruption in the form of a reptile. The snake twisted around the President of Russia. The one picture Putin looks at a grinning snake, and on the other they kiss passionately.

Earlier we wrote that the Internet ridiculed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, together with Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu took a walk in the woods. The caricature was drawn by artist Sergei Elkin.

“Alexander Morozov: “Putin with Shoigu is so weird walked on the forest very hard feet moved. It seemed that their feet some boots with Titan inch and a half thick sole. Why show as two guys 60+ barely dragging their feet?!”, — stated in the message.

The caricature Putin posing as the courier service “Yandex”. Netizens took fotozhabu sharp review

“And what is strange about that? You would have fed so many of body armor under his jacket, still not so dragged his feet! Yes, even the armored boots (snakes can attack!) And then there’s the age of such venerable”, “one can see you in the mountains was not”, “and Soon the language will barely roll, Brezhnev 2.0”, “grandparents hobbled,” they write.

Карикатурист высмеял борьбу Путина с коррупцией

As previously reported, Vladimir Putin strongly looking for an excuse to leave the Ukraine, because to continue the war in the Donbas to his advantage. A similar opinion was voiced by major General inventory APU Vladimir Gavrilov.

According to the military, time in the war in the Donbas is on the side of Ukraine, because Vladimir Putin is desperately short of funds for the continuation of the conflict.

“It’s all over, because it is not in Russia’s interests to keep this conflict for a long time. They do not have the resources, are growing problems in the country, which they are forced to go to some variants of the “victorious exit from Ukraine”. They want to go, but its population then say – see, we have reached the goal, we are the winners. They are now looking for such an option. Time is on our side”, – said the General of the APU.