A city of refuge for statues and ‘Park of American heroes’: how the US is trying to save the monuments

The President of the United States Donald trump ordered the creation of a “national Park of American heroes” to protect, as he put it, “our great national history” from vandals, destroying monuments. About it writes BBC.

Город-убежище для статуй и 'Парк американских героев': как в США пытаются спасти памятники

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A presidential decree, he ordered a special Commission 60 days to develop a plan for the establishment, including site selection.

At the insistence of the tramp statues in the Park need to be realistic and not “abstract or modernist”.

The intention of the President, the heroes Park should be located in a picturesque place near the town and opened July 4, 2026. Donors of the statues should be, the state government and civic organizations.

Elected President of historical figures will certainly cause a lot of controversy.

In the list of “historically significant” Americans predictably, came the founding fathers of the nation George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as the pioneer Davy Crockett, the preacher-Baptist, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, and two of the heroes of world war II — generals Douglas MacArthur and George Patton.

It is also planned to perpetuate the memory of fighters for the civil rights of African Americans Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther king.

Interestingly, trump included in the list and non-Americans, “who have made a significant historic contribution to the discovery, development and independence of the future United States.”

Therefore, in the Park, you may see the statue of Christopher Columbus, of a Franciscan monk Junipero Serra and the Marquis de Lafayette.

To native Americans Columbus and the Catholic missionary Serra are hardly heroes, since their “discovery” led to the enslavement and exploitation of the indigenous population and white colonists.

Economic development of the United States at an early stage was also dependent on slave labor, a poet for African-Americans in some of the proposed candidates is also unacceptable.

As for the Marquis de Lafayette, it seems, no complaints: he fought on the side of the Americans against the British during the War for independence.

Symbolic answer

Offer Donald trump about the creation of the Park of heroes allows you to understand whom the President deems worthy of veneration.

It is the founders of the United States along with the pioneers of the nineteenth century, famous in the old television series, generals of the Second world war and fighters for the abolition of slavery.

Among them the idol of the Republicans, Ronald Reagan — only in the last 150 years the President marked with a trump, and one Supreme court justice — the intellectual support of conservatives Antonin Scalia.

List as they are taken from history textbooks 50 years, the same era, which nostalgia President, when he speaks of “the greatness of America.”

In his speech at mount Rushmore, the President criticized the protesters, accusing them of wanting to destroy the cultural heritage of the country. Park heroes is his symbolic response. Protecting the monuments to the confederates who fought against the United States army during the Civil war, trump thereby justify those who, from his point of view, embodies American patriotism, spirit and courage. At that time, as many Americans are critically overestimate its history, the Park of heroes aims to become a glamorous tribute to the beliefs of the President about American “exceptionalism”.

This idea will certainly cause rejection of the critics of the President who believe that he ought not to judge of American values. And it also serves as a harbinger of the intense war of cultures during the autumn presidential campaign.

Donald trump announced the creation of a “Park of heroes”, speaking about the famous bas-relief with the American presidents on mount Rushmore in South Dakota on the occasion of US independence Day, celebrated on July 4.

He criticized those who demolished the monuments during the recent protests of the movement Black Lives Matter racism.

Mentioning in his speech which became one of the symbols of the United States bas, trump said that the monument “will stand as an eternal worship of our forefathers and our freedom.” “This monument will never be defiled the faces of these heroes will never be mutilated,” — he promised.

“Our country has witnessed a relentless campaign to destroy our history, falling short of the glory of our heroes, blurring our values and indoctrination of our children, — said trump. — Mobs trying to tear down the statues of our founders, to desecrate our most sacred memorials and flood our cities with crime and violence.” “We’re not gagged!”, — the President added.

The campaign Black Lives Matter around the world, including in the United States, was demolished many monuments to the men whom activists believe was involved in the slave trade or guilty of discrimination of blacks.

Including participants that occurred in response to the police murder of a black George Floyd, fighting with monuments to generals and soldiers of the Confederacy of the southern States of the Civil war era of 1860-ies.

Without masks

In his speech, trump was practically no talking about a pandemic. Mount Rushmore trump spoke before an audience of 7,5 thousand people. Thus, despite the warnings of doctors, the participants were not required to wear masks and observe measures of social distancing.

The choice of location has also been controversial because two of the presidents depicted on mount Rushmore, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners.

Besides, this place is located in the native land of the Lakota Indians Sioux, the American government took in the early nineteenth century.

What else said trump

The US President said that those who attack symbols of national heritage, fully responsible before the law. According to him, to them threatens till 10 years of prison in accordance with the signed a recent order for the protection of monuments.

In honor of independence Day was a salute to the music. Fireworks in this place was held for more than a decade after they were banned because of fears that it could lead to fires in the forests of the massif of the black hills, where there is carved bas-relief.

In his speech the Governor of South Dakota, Republican Kristi Noem in the tone of the President’s statement blamed the recent demonstrators that those trying to “erase the lessons of history”. “This is done purposely to besluit the fundamental principles of America,” she said.

What do you think the native Americans?

American Indians criticized the arrival of trump, as mass gatherings, according to them, now constitute a threat to health. They also disagreed with the idea of celebrating independence Day in a sacred indigenous place.

Many native Americans do not celebrate independence Day because for them it is associated with colonization of their lands and loss of their own cultural freedom.

The bas-relief on mount Rushmore were created in the period from 1927 to 1941, however, the land on which it is located, is a mountain massif of the black hills in South Dakota — had been expropriated from the Indians in the XIX century.

“The President sets the members of our tribe in a dangerous situation, arranging a photo shoot in a sacred place for us,” said Harold Frazier, Chairman of the tribe of su from the reservation of the Cheyenne river.

Before this meeting, the group, which consisted mainly of Indians, blocked the main road to the monument, spread across the white van, which ultimately led to a confrontation with the police.

According to local reports, police supported by soldiers of the National guard used smoke bombs and gas canisters to disperse the crowd.

The wagons were taken, and several protesters arrested after the police announced road closures “unlawful Assembly” — wrote a local newspaper.

A city in Ohio, a shelter for the statues

A small town in Ohio Newton falls invited other cities to remove any monuments to political figures, declaring itself the “city of refuge for statues.” This is stated in the proclamation of the Manager of the city of David Lynch, writes “Voice of America”.

The proclamation establishes a “General Amnesty” monuments to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Patrick Henry, Francis Scott Key, Theodore Roosevelt and Christopher Columbus. “The great leaders of our country and Western civilization, although he had disadvantages in many areas, has made great achievements, as we established our nation, ended slavery, established and protected our national parks, have enacted anti-trust laws to protect our citizens from aggressive industrial monopolies and generally opened up a New world,” reads the proclamation.

The city authorities propose to take these “unnecessary” monuments that had been dumped in various American cities, and place them in the community, a “place of honor”. Lynch said that his city wants to honor great leaders. “Yes, they had faults but they laid the Foundation of what we have today,” Lynch said.



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