A column of women and children from a large family of Mormons came under fire on the road in Mexico: nine dead (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Колонна женщин и детей из обширной семьи мормонов попала под обстрел на дороге в Мексике: девять погибших (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Six children and three women from the community of Mormons killed in an armed attack on their car in the North of Mexico. Among the dead members of the family Lebaron related to the Mormon community that settled in Mexico a few decades ago. Ten years ago, the other two members of the Lebaron family were kidnapped and killed during a clash with drug cartel, writes The New York Times.

One of the representatives of the family told the newspaper that a large group of women with children took three cars from the Mexican state of Sonora in the neighboring state of Chihuahua. In Bavispe adventurer fell into an armed ambush, allegedly by members of a drug cartel. In the caravan there were 17 people, reported in Facebook of Julian Lebaron.

It is not known whether the attack was planned or committed in error. Benjamin Lebaron, was killed in 2009, was the founder of the organization for the fight against crime SOS Chihuahua, notes the Telegraph.

In the words of Julian Lebaron, his cousin Ranita, became one of the victims, went to Arizona for her husband who was due back from North Dakota to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding. Machine Ronit broke down on the road, the attackers opened fire on her and set on fire. With a woman killed four of her children – twins, which was a year old, and 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter.

Eight miles from the car Ronit was killed 31-year-old Christine Langford Johnson, 43-year-old don ray Langford and her two children 11 and 3 years old. According to relatives, one of the women got out of the car with his hands up, but was shot at close range.

Seven children dons managed to escape but they were shot and wounded. One of the sons hid several of his relatives wounded in the bushes and ran to town for help. Seven-month-old daughter Kristina was also found alive: the mother managed to throw her on the floor of the car, writes the Daily Mail.

In the place of the massacre is directed by Mexican security forces, employees of National guard, army and police. As reported by Fox News, wanted some more missing family members, among whom are alleged to have 11 or more children.

Even by the standards of the brutal war of the drug cartels in Mexico, it was particularly terrible attack, says the BBC correspondent. From the tragedy are likely to be international repercussions, as many of those killed have American citizenship. The US state Department said that in the case of incidents with their citizens abroad office comes in contact with the local authorities and provide consular assistance to compatriots.

The President of Mexico, andrés Manuel lópez Obrador seeks to avoid confrontation with the cartels, critics accuse him of lack of any coherent security strategy. The pressure on the government intensified after the incident in October when police released the detained son of drug Lord El Chapo (Shorty) Ovidio Guzman after a shootout with the mafia.