A confirmed end to the conflict at the Viandes du Breton factory

A conflict resolution confirmed at the Viandes du Breton factory< /p> UPDATE DAY

The shipping and receiving workers at Viandes du Breton, in Rivière-du-Loup, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, have accepted the agreement in principle at 62% in a vote held on July 12 in the assembly. The return to work is scheduled for July 18.

The new collective agreement will end on September 8, 2024 at the same time as that of production, said the union of workers Viandes du Breton CSN in a press release released on Wednesday.

The union says it has obtained the integration of all the old bonuses at the hourly rate, as well as a catch-up salary the first year and increases thereafter which should make it possible to “exceed the salaries currently given to Vallée-Jonction”.

A seniority recognition bonus will also be distributed, as well as a sixth week of vacation and greater protection against subcontracting. The union specifies that the employer has also undertaken to improve its contribution to group insurance.

Strike for more than two months

“ We have a group of union members who decided to stand up proudly to demand more, and who got more. It takes courage and perseverance to stand up like this for more than two months,” said Pauline Bélanger, interim president of the Bas-Saint-Laurent-CSN Central Council.

Remember that the union had been on an indefinite general strike since April 27 and had planned a general meeting on Tuesday aimed at a way out of the conflict. The third conciliation session was supposed to lead to an agreement between the two parties, which took place.

In a press release dated June 22, the union deplored the use by Viandes du Breton of meat breakers. strike to circumvent the means of pressure. A use confirmed by a judgment of the Administrative Labor Tribunal on June 15.