A couple from Minnesota had banned the entrance of the Walmart stores for masks with swastikas

A man and a woman from Minnesota who came to the Walmart store in Minnesota in masks with images of the swastika got on video and got a ban on the entrance of the stores for at least a year, says USA Today.

Паре из Миннесоты запретили вход в магазины Walmart из-за масок со свастикой

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In a video published by Rafaela Mueller on Facebook, shows a couple at Walmart in Marshall, Minnesota, red facial surfaces with a swastika.

“You can’t be an American and wear this mask — tells someone behind the scenes — we had a real war for this reason”.

Heard that the woman in the mask says: “If you vote for Biden, you’re in Nazi Germany. Here’s how it will be.”

Joe Biden is the presumptive democratic nominee for President.

Police captain Marshall Jeff Venker told the Associated Press that the pair were issued notices of violation of the rules of illegal entry, but the police did not write tickets and did not arrest them. At Walmart said that the restraining notice on the entrance for this pair are at least a year and distributed to all stores.

Muller told the media that she felt “nausea” at the sight of this pair.

“I was speechless and was shocked. I heard (these things) happen in other places, but I never thought I’d see something like that,” said the witness.

Representatives from Walmart called the incident “unacceptable”.

“We strive to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all of our customers and will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment in any area of our business, said Walmart. — We ask all to wear a face covering when entering the stores for your safety and the safety of others and, unfortunately, some people perceived the pandemic as an opportunity to create alarming situation for the customers and partners in our store.”

Saturday, July 25, in Minnesota went into effect a rule requiring them to wear a face covering or mask in confined areas. At Walmart, this rule has been in place for almost a week.

Governor Tim Waltz has posted on Twitter a link to a news report about the incident at Walmart, saying that the incident was “shameful, period”.

“Thank you to the witnesses who were opposed to this unacceptable behavior on the basis of hatred,” he added.

The names of men and women is not known, but local media reported that the man is 59 years, and women 64 years.




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