A couple that sows happiness

A couple that sows happiness


It's both a story of a father-son relationship, a love story and a story of small pleasures shared between generations.

A scenario of Disney, you tell me. And I will answer you that sometimes, life is beautiful like in the cinema.

Tired of seeing his teenager glued to his mobile phone, Christian Van Winden undertook a carpentry project with him in 2018. A family celebration was coming up and they made big wooden games together. The fun took place between the father and the son, then between the guests on the day of the celebration. From there was born the idea of ​​a company. 

Lopper by day, Christian worked the wood in the evening and even at night, to create a collection of games to rent. Then one day, on the occasion of the 50th birthday of a cousin, Christian presented the fruit of his efforts. Then the unexpected happened…

“He seduced me! It was love at first sight. We haven't let go since,” says Véronique Bergeron, his wife, who became his partner.

Include and unite

Véronique worked in sales at a car dealership, and the pandemic that struck a few months after the lightning strike halted its operations. She decided to redirect her career to grow what was then called Boule et Bille.

“At the start, it was just a project alongside the rest. I had fun making games and then getting people to play. My son helped me a lot at first. Then, with Véronique, we started to present the project in residences for the elderly (RPA), and it aroused a lot of enthusiasm,” recalls Christian.

So the company changed its name for Inter Généraction, because the couple noticed the unifying power of games between children, parents and grandparents.

“It takes five minutes for adults and they revert to childhood,” observes Véronique, happy to be able to offer activities that adapt to people in wheelchairs or with a walker. 

Christian tests his games with his quadriplegic brother. With a single movable arm, it can play almost anything, and that's the goal: to include as many people as possible and even bring together school children with elderly people.

To date, Christian has created 25 games and he still has his head full. He takes this creative spirit from his father Gerry, founder of Veg-Pro International. 

Seven game models are available for sale, the others are for rent. 

< p>Unable to leave

In the RPAs where the games are rented, employees and volunteers help the seniors, but, very often, Véronique and Christian stay with them, unable to leave. The moments of joy they witness nourish their happiness. 

One of their dreams is to inspire young people to go see their grandparents in residence. You all know like me that these are not particularly attractive places for children, so games are such a good idea to transform boredom into moments of complicity.

The dreams of Christian and Véronique have been with me since the interview. These happy lovers are also farmers, surrounded by peacocks and other animals. When the visitor arrives at their home, they must put their hands in the garden or preserves, to leave with beautiful memories and pleasures to taste. 

I really met sowers of happiness!&nbsp ; 

Inter generation 

  • Founder: Christian Van Winden and Véronique Bergeron
  • Year of foundation: 2019
  • Location of head office: Hemmingford< /li>
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Number of employees : 2


  • Position: Associates
  • Age: 45 and 52 years old
  • Education: < /strong>Arboriculture

A couple that sows happiness